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Adoration of the Shepherds
Adoration of the Shepherds Title
ca. 1615 (Baroque) Period
37.277 Accession
genoese, tenebrusm, respect, franciscan, chiaroscuro, tenebrism Tags
Allegory of Arithmetic
Allegory of Arithmetic Title
1650 Period
37.1917 Accession
arithmetic, tenebrism, baroque, giambologna Tags
Allegory of the Five Senses
Allegory of the Five Senses Title
ca. 1630 Period
37.2768 Accession
guitar, tenebrism, senses, allegory, diagonal-balance, roman Tags
Girl Teasing a Cat
Girl Teasing a Cat Title
ca. 1630 (Baroque) Period
37.2659 Accession
genre, chiaroscuro, sensual, utrecht, cat, teasing, skin, naughty, tenebrism Tags
Judith Decapitating Holofernes
Judith Decapitating Holofernes Title
ca. 1640 (Baroque) Period
37.653 Accession
awesome, jewish, military, muder, ouch, rule-breakers, decapitate, women, murder, murdurer, murderer, heroine, judaic, tenebrism, strong, gender, rome, servant, tenebroso, chiaroscuro, dramatic, drama, candlelight, caravaggio, baroque, painting, oilpaint, italian, italy, biblical, oldtestament, bible, sword, decapitation, holofernes, judith, invincible, chopchop Tags
Lute Player (Rembrandt van Rijn)
Lute Player (Rembrandt van Rijn) Title
ca. 1629 (Baroque) Period
37.2493 Accession
music, utrecht, texture, tenebrism, lute, leiden Tags
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Title
ca. 1620-1662 (Baroque) Period
37.463 Accession
lombard, tenebrism, sfumato Tags
Portrait of a Lady of the Court as a Shepherdess
Portrait of a Lady of the Court as a Shepherdess Title
ca. 1628 (Baroque) Period
37.2457 Accession
tenebrism, arcadian, romanticism, dutch Tags
Saint Agatha Attended by Saint Peter and an Angel in Prison
Saint Agatha Attended by Saint Peter and an Angel in Prison Title
ca. 1640-1645 (Baroque) Period
37.552 Accession
caravaggists, chiaroscuro, night, scene, tenebrism, breasts, slate Tags
Saint Mary Magdalene
Saint Mary Magdalene Title
ca. 1625-1635 (Baroque) Period
37.651 Accession
bare, feet, skull, thinking, tenebrism, skullsandbones Tags
Saint Paul the Hermit
Saint Paul the Hermit Title
ca.1638 (Baroque) Period
37.278 Accession
tenebrism, reformation, anatomical Tags
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt Title
ca. 1720-1730 (Baroque) Period
37.1122 Accession
roman, tenebrism Tags
Virgin and Child
Virgin and Child Title
ca. 1720-1725 (Baroque) Period
37.1120 Accession
venetian, tenebrism Tags