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Apollo Victorious over the Python
Apollo Victorious over the Python Title
1591 (Renaissance) Period
27.302 Accession
arrows, bow, archery, sagitarrius, apollo, naked, weird, for, just, touchtour, 27512, python, where is the python Tags
Bust of a Man
Bust of a Man Title
1550-1575 (Renaissance) Period
27.230 Accession
touchtour Tags
Bust of Fontenelle
Bust of Fontenelle Title
mid-late 18th century Period
27.503 Accession
bust, sculpture, marble, portrait, touchtour Tags
Falcon Sacred to Horus
Falcon Sacred to Horus Title
ca. 380-150 BC (Late Period-early Greco-Roman) Period
22.409 Accession
touchtour Tags
Female Saint
Female Saint Title
ca. 1535-1540 (Renaissance) Period
27.543 Accession
touchtour Tags
Ganymede Title
1777-1787 Period
27.512 Accession
myth, eagle, bird, sculpture, marble, touchtour Tags
Relief with Onuris-Shu
Relief with Onuris-Shu Title
285-246 BC (Greco-Roman) Period
22.120 Accession
touchtour Tags
Sarcophagus with Griffins
Sarcophagus with Griffins Title
140-170 (Imperial) Period
23.35 Accession
touchtour Tags
Sarcophagus with Victories
Sarcophagus with Victories Title
ca. AD 210 (Imperial) Period
23.36 Accession
gay, sarcophagus, touchtour Tags