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Block Statue of Ankh-pekhred
Block Statue of Ankh-pekhred Title
380-340 BC (Late Period) Period
22.178 Accession
vidic, christian, gay Tags
Emperor Wearing a Toga
Emperor Wearing a Toga Title
AD 1st century; Restored head: 18th century Period
23.226 Accession
walking, teacher, resource, kit, ruler, toga, marble, missingarm, vidic, ben, edward, jesse, michelle, christian, maxine, brodie, nick, harry, ruby, liana, shoes, old, stone, paper, roman, llama, alz525 Tags
Sacred Eye Udjat
Sacred Eye Udjat Title
ca. 945-525 BC (Third Intermediate-Late Period) Period
47.265 Accession
eye, vidic, christian, jesus, edward Tags
Sword from an Equestrian Statue
Sword from an Equestrian Statue Title
1st century (Roman Imperial) Period
54.761 Accession
vidic, hafsah, losthero, sword, roman, rome, equestrian, bronze Tags