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"Skyphos" with Animal Scenes
"Skyphos" with Animal Scenes Title
ca. 600-575 BC (Orientalizing) Period
48.2028 Accession
terracotta, wine, horn, container, bucket, weird, goose, flowerpower Tags
Bacchus Title
1625-1675 (Baroque) Period
71.355 Accession
god, bacchus, grapes, wine, goat, ivory, penis Tags
Beaked Pitcher
Beaked Pitcher Title
1st century Period
54.947 Accession
creature, griffin, child-god, eros , water, wine, oinochoe, bronze, silver, roman, beaked, pitcher, gay Tags
Black-figure Kylix with Sirens
Black-figure Kylix with Sirens Title
6th century BC Period
48.37 Accession
awesome, man, awsome, real, greek, gunky, make, think, art, butiful, wounder, used, lovely, nice, vase, vessel, dirty, amazing, cute, pretty, cool, eyes, pat, creature, weird, alexander, bowl, different, artistic, reading, big, awsomw, macaroni, cheese, wow, beautiful, stop, too, siren, snape, killed, historic, sweet, round, something, nothing, dragon, multicolored, mom, harry, herimione, tree, bird, bird-man, makaden, sexy, wine, tommy, love, birdie, mutanthumanbirdthing, eyedfeathers, supah_cool, hentai, sataicsanic, honeybobo, lemonpoo, trump, hackedlolhackedlol, huehuehueheuhehhueuehueuheuuuehueuehueuehuuhehuehueuhehehehuehueueuhuhhehueuheuh, pups, wolves, pokemon, strange Tags
Hang Me!
Hang Me! Title
1825-1870 Period
37.2468.45 Accession
kawaii, frightening, drunk, wine Tags
Still Life with Basket of Oranges
Still Life with Basket of Oranges Title
1863 Period
37.1524 Accession
wine, acorn, orange, grapes, peels, basket, stilllife, knife, table Tags
Still Life with Wine and Fruit
Still Life with Wine and Fruit Title
1863 Period
37.1657 Accession
stilllife, wine, apple, pear, knife, moody, spruill Tags
Wine Pot
Wine Pot Title
1750-1800 Period
44.569 Accession
blue, wine, pot, china Tags
Wine Vessel
Wine Vessel Title
ca. 12th century BC Period
54.2184 Accession
cup, beautiful, green, drinking, china, bronze , chinese, vessel, wine Tags