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Nail Head of Warad-Sin
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Nail Head of Warad-Sin

Description Conservation Provenance Inscription Credit
Description This head of a white clay cone is broken off at the base of the nail and is unglazed. The inscription features the name of Warad-sin, king of Larsa.
Date Description Narrative
Provenance Sadie Jones (Mrs. Henry Walters), New York, [date and mode of acquisition unknown]; Sale, Joseph Brummer, New York, 1941; Walters Art Museum, 1941, by purchase.
Inscriptions [Translation from composite text of Cuneiform Digital Library RIME] For Inanna, / clad in great fearsomeness, / who clasps myriad divine powers, / great child of Suen, / his mistress, / I, Warad-Sin, / the obedient prince of Nippur, / provider of Ur, / who tends to Girsu / and the whole state of Lagash, / who reveres the Ebabbar, / the king of Larsa / and king of Sumer and Akkad, / the youth who seeks out the (divine) instructions / and perfects the divine plans, / who the temples of the gods / renovated / and who great statues / that demonstrate his kingship / did erect in grand fashion, / who its dilapidated cities / and its walls rebuilt / by whom the ones of his wide land / were made to dwell in peaceful houses, / reverent one who / returned the troops to (my) control / the wide wisdom / to fashion eternal works, / having been given to me by the god Enki, / therefore, in order that Inanna my mistress, / as I was making beautiful words, / the Dilmun Temple, / her relaxing residence / of happiness / might experience, / whose interior is full of jubilation / when more than before / its Eshusiga / I had widened, / for far future days / for my life I built it / and raised up its top / and made it grow forth like a mountain range. / For these things that I have done / may Inanna my mistress / rejoice over me. / Long days (of life), years of abundance, / a throne with a secure foundation, / and a scepter which makes people bow down / may she present to me. []
Credit Museum purchase, 1941

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1834-1825 BCE (Old Babylonian)
baked clay, impressed
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Diam: 5 7/8 × Max d:1 3/4 in. (14.9 × 4.5 cm)
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