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Funerary Stele of Tembu
Funerary Stele of Tembu Title
ca. 1500-1470 BCE (New Kingdom, early 18th dynasty) Period
22.92 Accession
eye, horus, teacher, resource, kit, loveandmarriage, beautysecrets, mark Tags
Relief from a Funerary Cippus
Relief from a Funerary Cippus Title
early 5th century BCE (Late Archaic) Period
23.13 Accession
phonewallpapers Tags
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu)
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu) Title
883-859 BCE (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.8 Accession
joseph, brummer, man, wings, stone, creature, genius, king, cuneiform, feet, shoes, pattern, assyrian, nimrud, genie, relief, assyria, beautysecrets, schoolofmagic, strikeapose, smvaw Tags