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"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase")
"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase") Title
1710-1722 (Qing) Period
49.155 Accession
graceful, peach, chineseporcelain2021 Tags
Cup-Hilt Rapier
Cup-Hilt Rapier Title
1650-1700 Period
51.504 Accession
Fort Laramie
Fort Laramie Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.49 Accession
fort, laramie, indian, native, american, watercolor, horses, encountering Tags
Nargile Title
Vessel: ca. 1720; Water pipe: mid 19th century Period
49.2199 Accession
The "Rubens Vase"
The "Rubens Vase" Title
ca. 400 (Late Antique) Period
42.562 Accession
medieval, postcards, from, walters, silly, putty, unique, vase, satyr, byzantine, teacher, resource, kit, overthetop, discoveries602, byzvir611, small, crystal, art, test Tags