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"Baule" Earring
"Baule" Earring Title
6th-5th century BCE (Archaic-Classical) Period
57.412 Accession
earring, etruscan, gold, italy Tags
Archaeological-Style Necklace with Intaglios
Archaeological-Style Necklace with Intaglios Title
late 19th-early 20th century Period
57.1534 Accession
castellani, gold, ancient, cabochon Tags
Arm Ring
Arm Ring Title
9th-11th century (Medieval) Period
57.466 Accession
viking, bracelet, gold, banana, jewelry, sdesmv, slavic, serbia, culture Tags
Belt Fitting
Belt Fitting Title
ca. 1800 Period
57.2331 Accession
Belt Rattle with Bells
Belt Rattle with Bells Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.66 Accession
bell, jewelry, ancient, americas, southamerica, gold, decapitation, diety, turqouise Tags
Bishop's Ring
Bishop's Ring Title
13th century (Medieval) Period
57.481 Accession
ring, bishop, church, religious, artifact, jewelry, gold, toadstone, toad, silver, szmaradg, szmaragd, gf666666666666666 Tags
Bracelet Title
5th-7th century (Late Antique) Period
57.1844 Accession
gold, face, ribs , round, circle, tubular, shining, byzantine, bracelet Tags
Bracelet with Classical Warrior
Bracelet with Classical Warrior Title
1860-1869 Period
57.1993 Accession
bracelet, hat, cameo, jewelry, roman, italian Tags
Bracelet with Dangles
Bracelet with Dangles Title
19th century Period
57.2317 Accession