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Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Title
ca. 1515 (Renaissance) Period
27.219 Accession
adam, rule, breakers, rule-breakers, eve, adameve, dellarobbia, snake, medici, pope, goodvsevil, dellarobia, workshop, renaissance, ri923 Tags
Brooch with a Bird's Claw
Brooch with a Bird's Claw Title
ca. 1860-1870 Period
57.2122 Accession
bird, jewelry, freaky, creature, scottish, highland, taxidermy, gold, europe, foot, sad, grouse, artifact Tags
Crab Title
ca. 1818-1843 (late Edo) Period
54.1365 Accession
creature, seafever Tags
Curiosity Figure (Seed Man)
Curiosity Figure (Seed Man) Title
ca. 1600 (Late Renaissance) Period
75.26 Accession
reninstae Tags
Egg-shaped Cup
Egg-shaped Cup Title
1899-1908 Period
44.862 Accession
flowers, enamel, russian Tags
Egyptian-Style Necklace with Scarabs
Egyptian-Style Necklace with Scarabs Title
late 19th-early 20th century Period
57.1531 Accession
Eucharistic Dove
Eucharistic Dove Title
early 13th century (Medieval) Period
44.77 Accession
Gold Jewelry Elements
Gold Jewelry Elements Title
late 10th-early 11th century (Medieval) Period
57.1596 Accession
Hat Pin with Scarabs
Hat Pin with Scarabs Title
ca. 1912 Period
47.729 Accession
jewelry, pin, glass, lalique Tags
Iris Corsage Ornament
Iris Corsage Ornament Title
ca. 1900 Period
57.939 Accession
bedazzled, brooch, floral, flowers, iris, jewelry, saphires, tiffany, kunz, gold, bain, flower, mac2019, phonewallpapers Tags
Marten's Head
Marten's Head Title
ca. 1550-1559 (Renaissance) Period
57.1982 Accession
creature, jeweled, gold, ornate, painted, venetian, marten Tags
Nautilus Cup
Nautilus Cup Title
ca. 1600 (Baroque) Period
57.989 Accession
atlas, shell, cup, dutch, embellished, nautilus, bottomsup, reninstae Tags
Nile Catfish Pendant
Nile Catfish Pendant Title
ca. 1985-1773 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty) Period
57.1072 Accession
fish, totem, creature, nile, pendant, catfish, amulet Tags
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral Title
18th-19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
57.1344 Accession
creature, octopus, silver, japanese, coral, netsuke Tags
Orchid Comb
Orchid Comb Title
1903-1904 Period
57.936 Accession
orchid, flower, jewelry, comb, lalique, ivory, gold, enamel, diamonds, flowers, nouveau Tags
Pair of Vases (Vases Boizot)
Pair of Vases (Vases Boizot) Title
ca. 1782-1784 Period
VO.27 (48.644, 48.645) Accession
vase, porcelain, sevres, neo-classical, goat Tags
Pansy Brooch
Pansy Brooch Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.943 Accession
lalique, brooch, jewelry, gold, glass, enamel, sapphire, pansy, flower, flowers, underfire, nouveau Tags
Skull and Toad
Skull and Toad Title
early-mid 19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
71.991 Accession
The "Rubens Vase"
The "Rubens Vase" Title
ca. 400 (Late Antique) Period
42.562 Accession
medieval, postcards, from, walters, silly, putty, unique, vase, satyr, byzantine, teacher, resource, kit, overthetop, discoveries602, byzvir611, small, crystal, art, test Tags
Three Rats Eating a Fish Head
Three Rats Eating a Fish Head Title
18th-19th century (Edo-Meiji) Period
71.725 Accession
creature, netsuke, funny, rats, zodiacscavengerhunt Tags
Two-Handled Vase
Two-Handled Vase Title
1782 Period
48.754 Accession
versailles, sevres Tags