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Black artists

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Boston Street Scene (Boston Common)
Boston Street Scene (Boston Common) Title
1898-99 Period
37.2766 Accession
century, african, american, award, black, pretty, street, boston, african-american, teacher, resource, kit, impressionism, bostonian, encountering, landscapes Tags
Bust of Benjamin Tucker Tanner
Bust of Benjamin Tucker Tanner Title
1894 Period
28.33 Accession
african, american, black, bust, minister, portrait, sculpture, plaster, african-american, encountering Tags
Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis
Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis Title
1868 Period
27.605 Accession
century, african, american, black, marilyn, richardson, neoclassical, marble, sculpture, african-american, teacher, resource, kit, white, invincible, encountering, retratos, discoveries602, reninst19 Tags
Lion Drinking
Lion Drinking Title
ca. 1897 Period
37.2932 Accession
orientalism, impessionism, encountering, lion, impressionism, animal Tags
River Scene
River Scene Title
1868 Period
37.2933 Accession
language, landscapes, reninst19 Tags