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Candlestick with a Young Page
Candlestick with a Young Page Title
14th-15th century (Medieval) Period
54.84 Accession
Chair Title
late 15th century (Renaissance) Period
65.13 Accession
hulahoops Tags
Shiva and His Family
Shiva and His Family Title
early 19th century Period
W.907 Accession
kangra, india, gods, goddesses, shiva, parvati, ganesha, kumara Tags
The Departure of Helen and her Entourage for Cythera
The Departure of Helen and her Entourage for Cythera Title
ca. 1468 (Renaissance) Period
37.1178 Accession
loveandmarriage, tempera, dogsinart, amoresytraiciones Tags
The Pipe of Peace
The Pipe of Peace Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.186 Accession
Venetian Kitchen Interior
Venetian Kitchen Interior Title
ca. 1600 Period
37.2651 Accession
chiaroscuro, rule, breakers, rule-breakers, netherlandish, venetian, hunt Tags
Vessantara Jataka, Chapter 9 (Maddi)
Vessantara Jataka, Chapter 9 (Maddi) Title
ca. 1920-1940 (Rattanakosin) Period
35.247 Accession
creature Tags
Woman Sweeping
Woman Sweeping Title
1865 Period
37.1668 Accession