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Acrobat Poised on Hands
Acrobat Poised on Hands Title
late 4th-late 1st century BCE (Hellenistic/Ptolemaic) Period
54.703 Accession
gimnastics, acrobat, gymnastics Tags
Amazon Title
ca. 440 BCE (Classical-Roman) Period
23.92.1 Accession
losthero, invincible, creepy, combatclothes, amazon, warrior, sculp, sculpture, marble, strikeapose Tags
Athena with an Owl
Athena with an Owl Title
ca. 450 BC (Classical) Period
54.766 Accession
owl, woman, goddess, athena, war, japera, animal, losthero, loveandmarriage, perilousfight, smvaw Tags
Kylix with Eyes and Goat Medallion
Kylix with Eyes and Goat Medallion Title
late 6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
48.44 Accession