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Pre-Columbian Works

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Amphibian Pendant
Amphibian Pendant Title
ca. 800-1500 (Pre-Colombian) Period
57.301 Accession
ancient, americas, gold, panama, sculpture, southamerica, pendant, jewelry, frog, crocodile, shark, iguana, ancientamericas, ancientamerica, centralamerica, pre-columbian, chiriqui Tags
Crocodile Effigy Incense Burner
Crocodile Effigy Incense Burner Title
AD 500-1350 (Period V–VI) Period
2009.20.45 Accession
creature, crocodile, incense, vessel, burner, costarica, southamerica, ancient, americas, clay, ceramic, earthenware, egg Tags
Deer Head Mask
Deer Head Mask Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.2 Accession
creature, mask Tags
Fertility Scene Vessel
Fertility Scene Vessel Title
AD 1-650 (Early Intermediate) Period
48.2825 Accession
Figural Urn
Figural Urn Title
AD 450-650 (Late Classic, Monte Albán IIIb) Period
2009.20.22 Accession
urn, zapotec, mexico, earthenware Tags
Figurative Bottle
Figurative Bottle Title
200 BC-AD 100 (Early Horizon-Early Intermediate) Period
48.2852 Accession
peruvian, bottle, ceramic, face Tags
Footed Dish with Animal Motifs
Footed Dish with Animal Motifs Title
AD 900-1500 (Late Period) Period
2009.20.278 Accession
ecuador, colombian, dishes Tags
Tobacco Pipe
Tobacco Pipe Title
300 BC-AD 800 (Late Formative-Classic) Period
2009.20.131 Accession
pipe, earthenware, mexican, michoacan Tags