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Intercambio: Ropa and Clothing

Domingo, el 11 de diciembre, venga al Museo Walters para discutir las siguientes obras sobre la ropa, el estilo de estos dias y la gente que llevaba las modas.

Come Sunday, December 11 to disuss the following works of art dealing with clothes, the day's style, and the people that worse such fashion.

Meet in the Cafe at 3:00.

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Emperor Wearing a Toga
Emperor Wearing a Toga Title
1st century CE; Restored head: 18th century (Roman Imperial) Period
23.226 Accession
walking, teacher, resource, kit, ruler, toga, marble, missingarm, vidic, christian, ruby, shoes, old, stone, paper, roman, llama, alz525, smvaw Tags
Portrait of a Noblewoman
Portrait of a Noblewoman Title
1617 (Baroque) Period
37.377 Accession
Resurrection Title
1450-1490 (Late Medieval) Period
27.308 Accession
trinity, muerteyvida, patrickstour, alabaster, nottingham, medieval, gothic Tags
Spectators from a Passion Altarpiece
Spectators from a Passion Altarpiece Title
ca. 1490 (Late Medieval) Period
61.61 Accession
The Café-Concert
The Café-Concert Title
ca. 1879 Period
37.893 Accession
century, beer, cafe, gentleman, impressionsim, moustache, paris, tophat, unibrow, urban, isolation, cravat, drinking, teacher, resource, kit, bain, memorytour, retratos, strikeapose, phonewallpapers Tags
Vessantara Jataka, Chapter 2 (Himavanta Forest)
Vessantara Jataka, Chapter 2 (Himavanta Forest) Title
ca. 1850-1870 (Rattanakosin) Period
35.265 Accession
creature, elephant, thailand Tags
Virgin and Child with Saints
Virgin and Child with Saints Title
ca. 1475-1480 (Renaissance) Period
37.554 Accession
tempera, goldleaf, altarpiece, csa, notallbabies, renaissance Tags