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Brooch of a Parure
Brooch of a Parure Title
ca. 1835 Period
57.1930 Accession
Brooch with a Bird's Claw
Brooch with a Bird's Claw Title
ca. 1860-1870 Period
57.2122 Accession
bird, jewelry, freaky, creature, scottish, highland, taxidermy, gold, europe, foot, sad, grouse, artifact Tags
Double-Headed Snake Ring
Double-Headed Snake Ring Title
1st century CE Period
57.1538 Accession
Esterhazy Marriage Collar
Esterhazy Marriage Collar Title
ca. 1611 (Baroque) Period
44.586 Accession
jewels, royal, wedding, marriage, love, flowers, flower Tags
Gothic-Style Bracelet
Gothic-Style Bracelet Title
ca. 1870 Period
57.1999 Accession
bracelet, diadem, arches, gold, stones Tags
Grape Necklace
Grape Necklace Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.937 Accession
enamel, grapes, lalique, underfire Tags
Iris Corsage Ornament
Iris Corsage Ornament Title
ca. 1900 Period
57.939 Accession
bedazzled, brooch, floral, flowers, iris, jewelry, saphires, tiffany, kunz, gold, bain, flower, mac2019, phonewallpapers Tags
Laurel Leaves Brooch
Laurel Leaves Brooch Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.942 Accession
lalique, laurel, pearl, nouveau Tags
Nautical Ring
Nautical Ring Title
1893 Period
57.1123 Accession
gold, aquamarine, ring, jewelry, tiffany, mermaid, seafever Tags
Necklace Title
ca. 1904 Period
57.2121 Accession
tiffany, diamonds, beauty, rosettes, flowers Tags
Necklace Title
4th-5th century (Late Antique) Period
57.1727 Accession
hardstonenecklace Tags
Necklace with Large Open-Work Disk and Snakes' Head Closure
Necklace with Large Open-Work Disk and Snakes' Head Closure Title
3rd century CE (Imperial) Period
57.515 Accession
creature, reversed_s Tags
Pair of Snake Bracelets
Pair of Snake Bracelets Title
AD 1st century Period
VO.63 (57.528, 57.529) Accession
creature, armband Tags
Pendant with a Lion
Pendant with a Lion Title
1600-1650 (Baroque) Period
57.618 Accession
creature Tags
Ring with Clasped Right Hands
Ring with Clasped Right Hands Title
1500-1650 (Renaissance) Period
57.1636 Accession
iron Tags
Roman Snake Ring
Roman Snake Ring Title
1st century CE (Imperial) Period
57.2163 Accession
creature, snake, ring, rome Tags
Sautoir with Pearl Pendant
Sautoir with Pearl Pendant Title
1900-1910 Period
57.2034 Accession
tiffany, necklace, pearl, sautoir, jewelry, coral, conch Tags
Swedish Wedding Crown
Swedish Wedding Crown Title
early 18th century Period
57.2047 Accession