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A Complete Set of Canopic Jars
A Complete Set of Canopic Jars Title
ca. 900-800 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
VO.7 (41.171, 41.172, 41.173, 41.174) Accession
cat, library, squirrel, clay, fish, reconciliation, baboon, jackel, hawk, horus, anubis, teacher, resource, kit, mummy, organs, canopic, funerary, jars, mummification, human, falcon, canopicjars, egypt, afterlife, 11, dogsinart, blob, writer, osnap, chickens, bok, hi, duamatefa Tags
Altar Cloth
Altar Cloth Title
17th century (Early Modern) Period
83.275 Accession
altar, byzvir, byzvir611 Tags
Burial Urn
Burial Urn Title
AD 1000-1500 Period
2009.20.214 Accession
colombia, southamerica, ancient, americas, clay, ceramic, earthenware, funeral, burial, ritual, urn, figure, sculpture, vessel, tomb, funerary, woman, face, hands Tags
Falcon Reliquary
Falcon Reliquary Title
ca. 600-350 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.547 Accession
creature Tags
Figure of Death (Memento Mori)
Figure of Death (Memento Mori) Title
1520s (Renaissance) Period
61.97 Accession
skull, skeleton, murder, death, bones, decomposing, skullsandbones, hulahoops, strikeapose Tags
Flask in the Form of a Skull
Flask in the Form of a Skull Title
1600-1650 (Baroque) Period
61.13 Accession
skull, death, hulahoops, skullsandbones Tags
Knotted Rattlesnake
Knotted Rattlesnake Title
1100-1520 (Postclassic) Period
29.2 Accession
ancient, americas, creature, snake, teacherresourcekit, teacher, resource, kit, black, aztec, crotalus, basinofmexico, tenochtitlan, reninstae Tags
Mask Title
n. d. (Late Postclassic) Period
2009.20.121 Accession
creature, mask, law, papyrus Tags
Sarcophagus with Griffins
Sarcophagus with Griffins Title
140-170 CE (Imperial) Period
23.35 Accession
touchtour Tags
The Last Judgment
The Last Judgment Title
1553-1554 (Renaissance) Period
37.262 Accession
mystic, demons, devil, antichrist, blue, green, yellow, warm, colors, painting, illuminati, creature, angels, skullsandbones, netherlandish, renaissance Tags
Vajrabhairava and Vajravetali
Vajrabhairava and Vajravetali Title
18th century Period
35.322 Accession