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Brooch of Leaves and Berries
Brooch of Leaves and Berries Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.940 Accession
enamel, citrine, lalique, brooch, mac2019 Tags
Fern Leaves Brooch
Fern Leaves Brooch Title
1903-1904 Period
57.935 Accession
diamond, paris, leaves, brooch, jewelry, diamonds, nude, lalique, fern, artdeco, silver-gilt Tags
Hair Ornament
Hair Ornament Title
19th century Period
57.1341 Accession
Iris Corsage Ornament
Iris Corsage Ornament Title
ca. 1900 Period
57.939 Accession
bedazzled, brooch, floral, flowers, iris, jewelry, saphires, tiffany, kunz, gold, bain, flower, mac2019, phonewallpapers Tags
Pendant from a Woman's Headpiece
Pendant from a Woman's Headpiece Title
1285-1289 AH/AD 1865-1875 Period
57.2314 Accession
Pendant Necklace
Pendant Necklace Title
ca. 1910-1915 Period
57.2168 Accession
tiffany, diamond, pendant, necklace, gems Tags