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A Worshiping Disciple
A Worshiping Disciple Title
15th century Period
54.2827 Accession
Buddha in Royal Attire
Buddha in Royal Attire Title
ca. 16th century Period
54.2822 Accession
Head and Torso of a Standing Buddha
Head and Torso of a Standing Buddha Title
17th-18th century (Lan Na) Period
54.2759 Accession
Herakles Title
3rd century BC Period
54.1003 Accession
Hermophroditus Title
1st century Period
23.167 Accession
hermaphrodite, sculpture, marble Tags
Male Athlete
Male Athlete Title
4th century BC Period
54.2241 Accession
Satyr Pouring Wine
Satyr Pouring Wine Title
Original: ca. 370-360 BCE; Roman copy: 1st century BCE-1st century CE (Classical-Roman) Period
23.22 Accession
satyr, sicily Tags