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"Over a Balcony," View of the Grand Canal, Venice
"Over a Balcony," View of the Grand Canal, Venice Title
ca. 1897 Period
37.1109 Accession
venice, watercolor, architecture, water, sky, terracotta, canal, vertical-format, rhythms, souvenir-item, quiet, phonewallpapers, pils Tags
"Vanitas" Still Life
"Vanitas" Still Life Title
ca. 1665 (Baroque) Period
37.682 Accession
death, globe, mortality, symbolic, book, hourglass, pen, books, vanitas, philosophy, skullsandbones, armant Tags
A Roman Slave Market
A Roman Slave Market Title
ca. 1884 Period
37.885 Accession
gerome, rule-breakers, slave, market, nude, woman, roman, tiepolo, islam, boys, pretty Tags
Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria
Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria Title
1736-1737 (Baroque) Period
37.790 Accession
military, alexander, modello, egyptian, imperialism, dog, thegreat, baroque Tags
Allegory of Painting
Allegory of Painting Title
1764 (Baroque) Period
37.1011 Accession
retratos, baroque, oil, contemplation, roman, federico zeri's 1976 catalogue , cool, rococo Tags
Allegory of the Five Senses
Allegory of the Five Senses Title
ca. 1630 Period
37.2768 Accession
guitar, tenebrism, senses, allegory, diagonal-balance, roman, caravaggisti Tags
Amnon Attacking Tamar
Amnon Attacking Tamar Title
ca. 1520 (Renaissance) Period
37.779 Accession
bedroom, clock, flemish, deceit, amnon, bible, tamar, renaissance, mannerism, earlynetherlandish Tags
An Arab Sheik
An Arab Sheik Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.173 Accession
arab, orientalism, weapon, elder, man, portrait, bayonne, sombre, sheik, sword Tags
Copy of the "Mona Lisa"
Copy of the "Mona Lisa" Title
ca. 1635-1660 (Baroque) Period
37.1158 Accession
old, landscapes Tags
Courtyard of an Inn with Classical Ruins
Courtyard of an Inn with Classical Ruins Title
ca.1621-1647 (Baroque) Period
37.1851 Accession
courtyard, horse, leisure, naples, roman, baroque Tags
Damascus Title
1880 Period
37.193 Accession
horses, orientalism, architecture, blue, light, reflection, syrian, decay, circassians Tags
David and Bathsheba
David and Bathsheba Title
1540-1549 (Renaissance) Period
37.2371 Accession
face, architectural, venetian, sexuality Tags
Devotion Title
1863-1864 Period
37.45 Accession
woman, rosary, prayer Tags
Diana Reposing
Diana Reposing Title
ca. 1859 Period
37.12 Accession
diana, myth, nude, woman, lovely, erotic Tags
Entering the Harem
Entering the Harem Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.82 Accession
orientalism, harem, sheik, islamic, moorish, carpet, palace, visitors, africanancestryineuropeanart Tags
Evening Prayer
Evening Prayer Title
1863-1864 Period
37.47 Accession
carpet Tags
Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt
Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt Title
1647 (Baroque) Period
37.2368 Accession
csa, chiaroscuro, caravaggisti, baroque Tags
Helping Herself
Helping Herself Title
1859 Period
37.22 Accession
Interior, St. Etienne du Mont, Paris
Interior, St. Etienne du Mont, Paris Title
n.d. Period
37.1363 Accession
paris, watercolor, church, religion Tags
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Title
ca. 1620-1662 (Baroque) Period
37.463 Accession
lombard, tenebrism, sfumato Tags
Maternity Title
1873 Period
37.2560 Accession
mother, child, sweet, motherhood, lush, carpet Tags
Mud Pies
Mud Pies Title
1873 (Modern) Period
37.21 Accession
play, children, pigs, animals, fun, mud, pies, genre, dusseldorf, gamesoflife, yearofthepig Tags
News from Afar
News from Afar Title
mid 1860s Period
37.183 Accession
woman, dress, globe, travel, letter, reading, grace, aww, hope, realism, japonaiserie, vase, wallcovering, hairstyle, interior, domestic, brown, love, heart Tags
Odalisque with Slave
Odalisque with Slave Title
1842 Period
37.887 Accession
rebeccas, pick, odalisque, ingres, nude, woman, music, orientalism, erogenous, nudisim, beautiful, neoclassism, bain, encountering Tags
Paris Kiosk
Paris Kiosk Title
1880-1884 Period
37.1055 Accession
cityscape, naturalism, parisian, impressionism Tags
Portrait of a Woman as Cleopatra
Portrait of a Woman as Cleopatra Title
2nd half 16th century (Renaissance) Period
37.534 Accession
ascleopatra, africanancestryineuropeansrt, africanancestryineuropeanart Tags
The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer
The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer Title
1863-1883 Period
37.113 Accession
christian, creature, martyr, murder, rome, roman, lion, persecution, greek, tiger, last, prayer, martyrs, gerome, gautier, crowd, stadium, knaus, worship Tags
The Death of Caesar
The Death of Caesar Title
1859-1867 Period
37.884 Accession
caesar, neoclassical, academy, white, narrative, ides, academic, bain, archetype, lighting, memorable, teachersandstudents Tags