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Ancient Civilizations Zoomorphic

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Crocodile Effigy Incense Burner
Crocodile Effigy Incense Burner Title
AD 500-1350 (Period V–VI) Period
2009.20.45 Accession
creature, crocodile, incense, vessel, burner, costarica, southamerica, ancient, americas, clay, ceramic, earthenware, egg Tags
Knotted Rattlesnake
Knotted Rattlesnake Title
1100-1520 (Postclassic) Period
29.2 Accession
ancient, americas, creature, snake, teacherresourcekit, teacher, resource, kit, black, aztec, crotalus, basinofmexico, tenochtitlan, reninstae Tags
Lidded Tripod Vase with Jaguar Head Finial
Lidded Tripod Vase with Jaguar Head Finial Title
AD 300-600 (Early Classic) Period
48.2799 Accession
animal, beast, cat, jar, jaguar, maya, mayan Tags
Llama Effigy
Llama Effigy Title
AD 1000-1470 (Late Intermediate) Period
2009.20.49 Accession
earthenware, creature, animal Tags
Lobster Effigy Vessel
Lobster Effigy Vessel Title
AD 300-600 (Early Intermediate Phases IIII-IV) Period
2009.20.55 Accession
peruvian, anime, creature, lobster Tags
Man-Bird Effigy Ocarina
Man-Bird Effigy Ocarina Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.139 Accession
Sea Lion Effigy Stirrup Vessel
Sea Lion Effigy Stirrup Vessel Title
AD 50-800 (Early Intermediate-Middle Horizon) Period
48.2842 Accession
creature Tags
Shaman Effigy Vessel
Shaman Effigy Vessel Title
AD 1000-1350 (late Period VI) Period
2009.20.56 Accession
shaman, earthenware, costarica, jaguar Tags
Shamanic Effigy Pendant
Shamanic Effigy Pendant Title
AD 700-1520 Period
2009.20.81 Accession
creature Tags
Shark Pendant
Shark Pendant Title
700-1520 (V-VI) Period
57.287 Accession
creature, shark Tags
Tripod Vase
Tripod Vase Title
n.d. Period
48.2769 Accession
Turkey Effigy Ocarina
Turkey Effigy Ocarina Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.95 Accession
creature, turkey, bird, gobble, thanksgiving Tags
Vulture Head Pendant
Vulture Head Pendant Title
200-700 (Classic) Period
42.549 Accession
creature, smallobjects Tags
Zoomorphic Effigy Whistle
Zoomorphic Effigy Whistle Title
1000-1550 Period
48.2851 Accession
whistle, music, instrument, creature, awesome, ouchbabeh, ouch, babeh, masud, faaruq, hnt Tags