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Ba Bird
Ba Bird Title
3rd century BCE (early Ptolemaic) Period
57.1472 Accession
amulet, egyptian, falcon, gold, winged, fire, phonewallpapers Tags
Daughter of Amenophis IV/Akhenaten (1351-1334)
Daughter of Amenophis IV/Akhenaten (1351-1334) Title
modern (modern) Period
22.88 Accession
forgery, fake, akenaton Tags
Finial with Three Goats
Finial with Three Goats Title
1000-600 BCE (Iron Age) Period
54.2582 Accession
luristan, iran, finial, goat, bronze Tags
Finial with Two Felines
Finial with Two Felines Title
10th-8th century BCE (Iron Age) Period
54.115 Accession
luristan, finial, bronze, lions, iran Tags
Horse-Head Fibula
Horse-Head Fibula Title
early 5th century (Early Medieval) Period
57.482 Accession
horse, creature Tags
Male Head with Crown of Upper Egypt
Male Head with Crown of Upper Egypt Title
1550-1069 BC (New Kingdom) Period
22.232 Accession
Model of a Vulture and Uraeus Seated on a Basket
Model of a Vulture and Uraeus Seated on a Basket Title
ca. 305-250 BCE (early Ptolemaic Period) Period
22.264 Accession
Necklace with Lion's-Head Closures
Necklace with Lion's-Head Closures Title
4th century (Late Antique) Period
57.588 Accession
creature Tags
Pair of Snake Bracelets
Pair of Snake Bracelets Title
AD 1st century Period
VO.63 (57.528, 57.529) Accession
creature, armband Tags
Pin with Lynx Head
Pin with Lynx Head Title
1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
57.384 Accession
creature Tags
Plaque with a Jackal Shaped Anubis
Plaque with a Jackal Shaped Anubis Title
4th-mid 3rd century BCE (Late Period-Ptolemaic) Period
48.1634 Accession
Protective Figure of Aha-Bes
Protective Figure of Aha-Bes Title
ca. 1800-1750 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 13th dynasty) Period
48.420 Accession
creature, magicwand, demon, phonewallpapers Tags
Ram's Head
Ram's Head Title
n.d. Period
71.31 Accession
animal, ram, horn, creature Tags
Recumbent Sphinx
Recumbent Sphinx Title
ca. 1830 Period
54.2482 Accession
creature Tags