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Art Nouveau Dish with Stem
Art Nouveau Dish with Stem Title
1904-1905 Period
44.991 Accession
flower, flowers, green, peony Tags
Bodhisattva Guanyin
Bodhisattva Guanyin Title
late 14th-15th century (Ming) Period
25.256 Accession
delicate, compassionate, compassion, buddhist, buddhism, religious, icon, iconography, sitting, seated, gold, 14thcentury, 15thcentury, chinese, china, sculpture, lacquer, mingdynasty, bain, chinesegoddess, chinese1127, reninstasia Tags
Figure of Death (Memento Mori)
Figure of Death (Memento Mori) Title
1520s (Renaissance) Period
61.97 Accession
skull, skeleton, murder, death, bones, decomposing, skullsandbones, hulahoops, strikeapose Tags
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral Title
18th-19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
57.1344 Accession
creature, octopus, silver, japanese, coral, netsuke Tags