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Barbarian metalwork

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Arm Ring
Arm Ring Title
9th-11th century (Medieval) Period
57.466 Accession
viking, bracelet, gold, banana, jewelry, sdesmv, slavic, serbia Tags
Belt Buckle
Belt Buckle Title
5th century (Early Medieval) Period
VO.100 (57.661, 57.664) Accession
Eagle Fibula
Eagle Fibula Title
6th century (Early Medieval) Period
54.422 Accession
fibula, phonewallpapers Tags
Fibula with an Enamel Bust
Fibula with an Enamel Bust Title
7th century (Early Medieval) Period
44.255 Accession
write Tags
Hair Pin
Hair Pin Title
early 6th century (Early Medieval) Period
57.1883 Accession
cross Tags
Horse-Head Fibula
Horse-Head Fibula Title
early 5th century (Early Medieval) Period
57.482 Accession
horse, creature Tags
Penannular Brooch
Penannular Brooch Title
6th-7th century (Early Medieval) Period
54.2341 Accession
meninart, jewelry Tags
Set of Horse Trappings
Set of Horse Trappings Title
4th-5th century (Early Medieval) Period
VO.74 (57.1050, 57.1051, 57.1052, 57.1060) Accession
medieval, handle, ornamental, hunnish, gold, gemstones , set, trappings, horse, tempera Tags