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Child Boxer
Child Boxer Title
3rd-2nd century BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
54.1001 Accession
hefty Tags
Children Playing
Children Playing Title
3rd quarter 16th century (Renaissance) Period
44.156 Accession
Christ Child
Christ Child Title
late 16th century Period
42.360 Accession
christchild Tags
Disappointment Title
19th century Period
37.56 Accession
baby, playful, cat, animal, cute Tags
Eros Title
ca. 20-60 (Hellenistic) Period
54.724 Accession
augustusofprimaporta, notallbabies Tags
Head of a Cherub Singing Turned to the Right
Head of a Cherub Singing Turned to the Right Title
1470-1500 (Renaissance) Period
27.201 Accession
Madonna of the Candelabra
Madonna of the Candelabra Title
ca. 1513 (Renaissance) Period
37.484 Accession
baby, child, halo, madonna, mother, postcards, from, walters, usps, stamp, virgin, christmas, christ, teachersandstudents, renaissance Tags
Portrait of a Baby Boy
Portrait of a Baby Boy Title
1540-1549 (Renaissance) Period
37.451 Accession
florentine, notallbabies, teachersandstudents, medici Tags
Sketch for "Mud Pies"
Sketch for "Mud Pies" Title
1873 Period
37.2601 Accession
mud Tags
Sleeping Infant
Sleeping Infant Title
1641 (Baroque) Period
71.393 Accession
notallbabies Tags