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Scenes for Around Baltimore

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Allegory of the Five Senses
Allegory of the Five Senses Title
ca. 1630 Period
37.2768 Accession
guitar, tenebrism, senses, allegory, diagonal-balance, roman, caravaggisti Tags
An Accident
An Accident Title
1879 Period
37.49 Accession
accident, genre, painting, ouch, realism, cat, clock, shoes, blood, bloody, dark, tree Tags
Flowering Chrysanthemum
Flowering Chrysanthemum Title
1863 Period
37.1518 Accession
flowers, watercolor, landscape, pastoral, flower Tags
Market Scene
Market Scene Title
1832 Period
37.755 Accession
market, architecture, church, people, color, social, role Tags
Paris Kiosk
Paris Kiosk Title
1880-1884 Period
37.1055 Accession
cityscape, naturalism, parisian, impressionism Tags