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A Complete Set of Canopic Jars
A Complete Set of Canopic Jars Title
ca. 900-800 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
VO.7 (41.171, 41.172, 41.173, 41.174) Accession
cat, library, squirrel, clay, fish, reconciliation, baboon, jackel, hawk, horus, anubis, teacher, resource, kit, mummy, organs, canopic, funerary, jars, mummification, human, falcon, canopicjars, egypt, afterlife, 11, dogsinart, blob, writer, osnap, chickens, bok, hi, duamatefa Tags
Bes Title
ca. 950-700 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
48.1604 Accession
dwarf, nude, headdress, crazy, ahhotep Tags
Cartonnage Mask of a Woman
Cartonnage Mask of a Woman Title
mid 1st century BCE-mid 1st century CE (Late Ptolemaic-Roman) Period
78.3 Accession
mummy, mask, women, mesmerizing, ibis, momias, glass Tags
Child Boxer
Child Boxer Title
3rd-2nd century BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
54.1001 Accession
hefty Tags
Djed Pillar
Djed Pillar Title
660-410 BC (Late Period) Period
48.2655 Accession
Female Title
mid 4th millennium BCE (Predynastic) Period
71.535 Accession
female Tags
Figure of the Apis Bull
Figure of the Apis Bull Title
6th century BCE (Late Period) Period
54.538 Accession
bull, creature Tags
Funeral Stele
Funeral Stele Title
1400-1350 BCE (?) (New Kingdom (?)) Period
22.155 Accession
book, dead Tags
Funeral Stele of Thut-sotem
Funeral Stele of Thut-sotem Title
306-30 BC (Greco-Roman) Period
22.124 Accession
anibus Tags
Funerary Stele of Meri-neith Wah-ib-Re
Funerary Stele of Meri-neith Wah-ib-Re Title
664-525 BCE (Late Period) Period
22.123 Accession
Funerary Stele of Tembu
Funerary Stele of Tembu Title
ca. 1500-1470 BCE (New Kingdom, early 18th dynasty) Period
22.92 Accession
eye, horus, teacher, resource, kit, loveandmarriage, beautysecrets, mark, reninstaw Tags
Head of a Crocodile
Head of a Crocodile Title
ca. 380-250 BCE (Late Period (30th dynasty)-early Ptolemaic Period) Period
47.117 Accession
sobek, deity, fayyum, faiyum, egypt, egyptian, glass, glassware Tags
Head of a Man
Head of a Man Title
2119-1793 BC (Middle Kingdom) Period
22.385 Accession
Horus Falcon
Horus Falcon Title
1st century BCE-1st century CE (Late Ptolemaic-early Roman) Period
48.1561 Accession
Juvenile God on Lotus
Juvenile God on Lotus Title
ca. 664-332 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.419 Accession
juvenile, lotus, nude Tags
Mummified Cat
Mummified Cat Title
4th-3rd century BCE (Late Period-Ptolemaic) Period
79.2 Accession
cat, mummy, momias, cat mummy Tags
Mummified Human Remains of a Woman Inside a Painted Cartonnage
Mummified Human Remains of a Woman Inside a Painted Cartonnage Title
2nd half 9th-1st half 8th century BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
79.1 Accession
egypt, mummy, teacher, resource, kit, mary, sarcophagus, seth, momias, smvaw, plaster Tags