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A Roman Slave Market
A Roman Slave Market Title
ca. 1884 Period
37.885 Accession
gerome, rule-breakers, slave, market, nude, woman, roman, tiepolo, islam, boys, pretty, gender355 Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Diogenes Title
1860 Period
37.131 Accession
cynism, gerome, dogs, animals, light, poor, loyalty, hellenic, dogsinart, teachersandstudents, msd4419, sdesmv, diogenes Tags
Marphise Title
1852 Period
37.10 Accession
horse, nude, woman, poem, warrior Tags
Morning in the Tropics
Morning in the Tropics Title
ca. 1858 Period
37.147 Accession
humidity, landscape, water, tropical, morning, teacher, resource, kit, romanticism, ecuador, american, landscapes, waltersfamily, landscare Tags
Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington
Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington Title
1817 Period
37.41 Accession
century, teacher, resource, kit, dogs, hunting, jmwturner, turner, romanticism, memorytour, tothehunt, landscapes Tags
Replica of The Hémicycle
Replica of The Hémicycle Title
1853 Period
37.83 Accession
waltersfamily, teachersandstudents, compareschoolofathensraphael, longhorizontalaxis Tags
Sappho and Alcaeus
Sappho and Alcaeus Title
1881 Period
37.159 Accession
greek, music, sappho, neoclassical, neoclassicism, kythara, visitors, womennude, reninst19 Tags
Springtime Title
1872 Period
37.11 Accession
century, garden, young, woman, green, monet, camille, reading, springtime, teacher, resource, kit, hat, tranquility, impressionism, claude, spring, sunlight, shadow, sun, bonnet, renoir, flower, bain, flowers, retratos, cafe, reninst19 Tags
The Christian Martyr
The Christian Martyr Title
1868 Period
37.188 Accession
dead, drown, girl, water, turtle, poor, drowned, martyr Tags
The Death of Caesar
The Death of Caesar Title
1859-1867 Period
37.884 Accession
caesar, neoclassical, academy, white, narrative, ides, academic, bain, archetype, lighting, memorable, teachersandstudents, gggg, fgfgf, fgfgfg, fgfg Tags
The Goose Girl
The Goose Girl Title
ca. 1863 Period
37.153 Accession
realism, reninst19 Tags
The Miniature
The Miniature Title
1794-1859 Period
37.214 Accession
pensive, painting, women Tags
手拭持てる女 (Sketch of Woman Holding a Towel)
手拭持てる女 (Sketch of Woman Holding a Towel) Title
1920 Period
35.305 Accession
浴後之女 (Woman after the Bath (Yokujo no Onna))
浴後之女 (Woman after the Bath (Yokujo no Onna)) Title
1920 Period
95.881 Accession
phonewallpapers Tags
長襦袢の女 (Woman Dressing in a Long Undergarment)
長襦袢の女 (Woman Dressing in a Long Undergarment) Title
1920 Period
95.877 Accession
髪梳ける女 (Woman Combing Her Hair)
髪梳ける女 (Woman Combing Her Hair) Title
1920 Period
95.880 Accession
hair, woman, hairbursh, kimono, art, phonewallpapers Tags