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Egyptian Art

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A Complete Set of Canopic Jars
A Complete Set of Canopic Jars Title
ca. 900-800 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
VO.7 (41.171, 41.172, 41.173, 41.174) Accession
cat, library, squirrel, clay, fish, reconciliation, baboon, jackel, hawk, horus, anubis, teacher, resource, kit, mummy, organs, canopic, funerary, jars, mummification, human, falcon, canopicjars, egypt, afterlife, 11, dogsinart, blob, writer, osnap Tags
Falcon Reliquary
Falcon Reliquary Title
ca. 600-350 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.547 Accession
creature Tags
Mummy and Painted Cartonnage of an Unknown Woman
Mummy and Painted Cartonnage of an Unknown Woman Title
2nd half 9th-1st half 8th century BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
79.1 Accession
egypt, mummy, teacher, resource, kit, mary, sarcophagus, seth, momias Tags
Mummy Mask of a Woman
Mummy Mask of a Woman Title
mid 1st century BCE-mid 1st century CE (Late Ptolemaic-Roman) Period
78.3 Accession
mummy, mask, women, mesmerizing, ibis, momias, glass Tags
Statue of a Standing Khonsu
Statue of a Standing Khonsu Title
ca. 664-525 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.395 Accession
creature Tags
Thoth-Baboon Title
664-332 BCE (Late Period) Period
48.1543 Accession
Ushabti Title
1567-1085 BC (New Kingdom) Period
22.193 Accession
funerary Tags
Wall Fragment with Head
Wall Fragment with Head Title
1550-1069 BC (?) (New Kingdom (?)) Period
22.320 Accession
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum Title
ca. 1250-1200 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
32.9 Accession
article, clothing, egypt, crystal sandoval, lady, look, egyptian, days, she, under, stand, name, loser, neither, wish, tell, nice, painting, stone, wow, beauty, pretty, bat, evil, devil, old, heaven, night, broken, musician, cool, writing, serious, ruler, awesome, heiroglyphics, oil, beer, nude, hay, play, animal, jam, user, cow, food, clothes, weirdo, strange, musical, instrument, clock, hope, art, original, pants, site, game, woman, women, love, greatness, flower, dream, beautiful, fragment, rock, profile, cleo, faded, clay, god, creepy, sideways, cloth, muddrawing, cute, huge, small, colorful, fragments, hair, moon, ancient, egyptain, religon, but, bright, spanish, french, sizes, couple, kiss, lovely, mud, warrior, wall-painting, peyton, joel, big_painting, vintage, oldtownroad, ancientegypt, phonewallpapers Tags