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A Cat
A Cat Title
1121 AH/AD 1717 (Ottoman) Period
W.659.105A Accession
Aegis with the Head of Sekhmet
Aegis with the Head of Sekhmet Title
ca. 945-715 BCE (Third Intermediate Period, 22nd-23rd Dynasty) Period
57.540 Accession
aegis, gold, creature, artwork, smallobjects Tags
Appliqué: Head of a Lion
Appliqué: Head of a Lion Title
ca. 380-342 BCE (Late Period) Period
48.494 Accession
lion, meaning Tags
Cat with Kittens
Cat with Kittens Title
4th century BC (Late Period-early Greco-Roman) Period
48.1554 Accession
Feline Effigy Stirrup Vessel
Feline Effigy Stirrup Vessel Title
AD 50-800 (Early Intermediate-Middle Horizon) Period
48.2843 Accession
Footed Dish with Animal Motifs
Footed Dish with Animal Motifs Title
AD 900-1500 (Late Period) Period
2009.20.280 Accession
Jaguar Walking, Number 1
Jaguar Walking, Number 1 Title
19th century Period
27.95 Accession
walking, creature, jaguar, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Tiger at Rest
Tiger at Rest Title
ca. 1830s-1840s Period
37.834 Accession
cat, library, squirrel, rest, creature, adorable, laying, lay, stripes, puff, fluff, fast, faster, fastcat, big, runnercat, fabulous, gorgeous, cool, wow, puppy, amazing, black, love, baby, bee, boy, duck, small, good, god, mermaid, huge Tags