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Art and Liberty
Art and Liberty Title
1859 Period
37.78 Accession
music, violin, art, freedom, man, romantic, belgian, portrait, mountains Tags
Brothel Title
1562 (Renaissance) Period
37.1784 Accession
beukelaer, drunk, flemish, oil, beer, genre, party Tags
Merrymakers in an Inn
Merrymakers in an Inn Title
1630-1639 (Baroque) Period
37.1741 Accession
inn, music, red, dog, dancing, flirting, 2020holidayinvite, caravaggisti Tags
Peasant Wedding Dance
Peasant Wedding Dance Title
1607 (Baroque) Period
37.364 Accession
flemish, music, pieter, wedding, loveandmarriage, 2020holidayinvite, dance Tags
Power of Music
Power of Music Title
1852 (?) Period
37.134 Accession
music, romanticism, cafe concert Tags
The Beaupré Antiphonary, vol. 2
The Beaupré Antiphonary, vol. 2 Title
1290 (Medieval) Period
W.760 Accession
crown, music, organ, banquet, choirbook Tags