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Amphora with Funerary Scenes
Amphora with Funerary Scenes Title
720-710 BCE (Late Geometric) Period
48.2231 Accession
greek, funerary, teacher, resource, kit, pottery, skullsandbones, awesome, ancientgreek, geometric, savethelome, combatclothes Tags
Aniconic Idol
Aniconic Idol Title
3000-2000 BC (Early Bronze Age) Period
23.218 Accession
prehistoric, cycladic, abstract Tags
Female Figure
Female Figure Title
ca. 2500-2400 BCE (Early Cycladic III) Period
23.253 Accession
abstract, geometric, greek, pegasus, marble, cycladic, teacher, resource, kit, idol, figurine, woman, coƱoesumadre Tags