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Amphora with Funerary Scenes
Amphora with Funerary Scenes Title
720-710 BCE (Late Geometric) Period
48.2231 Accession
greek, funerary, teacher, resource, kit, pottery, skullsandbones, awesome, ancientgreek, geometric, savethelome, combatclothes Tags
Aniconic Idol
Aniconic Idol Title
3rd millennium BCE (Early Bronze Age) Period
23.218 Accession
prehistoric, cycladic, abstract, orpheus Tags
Female Figure
Female Figure Title
ca. 2500-2400 BCE (Early Cycladic III) Period
23.253 Accession
abstract, geometric, greek, pegasus, marble, cycladic, teacher, resource, kit, idol, figurine, woman, coƱoesumadre, smvaw Tags