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Breaking Flax
Breaking Flax Title
1850-1851 Period
37.87 Accession
french, harvest, work, woman, realist Tags
Charles Dikran Kelekian
Charles Dikran Kelekian Title
1910 Period
37.2656 Accession
art, boy, charles, dikran, great, work, hat, awesome, portrait, mary, cassatt, fine, dignified, squinty-nose, drawing, impressionism, american, kind, nice, japonisme, cool, fabulous, good, lonely, unfinished, royal, sad, detailed, self-portrait, gloomy, incomplete, handsome, interesting, beautiful, fashion, games, love, ladies, realistic, neat, amazing, cute, normal, but, look, color, happy, baby, tie, kiss, expressive, discoveries602 Tags
Elephants in Water
Elephants in Water Title
ca. 1850 Period
37.819 Accession
elephant, animal, watercolor, creature, sky Tags
Fifth Regiment in Mount Vernon Place
Fifth Regiment in Mount Vernon Place Title
1889-1898 Period
37.2550 Accession
Judith Decapitating Holofernes
Judith Decapitating Holofernes Title
ca. 1640 (Baroque) Period
37.653 Accession
awesome, jewish, military, ouch, rule-breakers, decapitate, women, murder, murderer, heroine, judaic, tenebrism, strong, gender, rome, servant, tenebroso, chiaroscuro, dramatic, drama, candlelight, caravaggio, baroque, painting, oilpaint, italian, italy, biblical, oldtestament, bible, sword, decapitation, holofernes, judith, invincible, chopchop, 1640, massarenti collection, amoresytraiciones, caravaggisti, ri923 Tags
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Title
ca. 1515 (Renaissance) Period
37.567 Accession
renaissance Tags
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Title
ca. 1495 (Renaissance) Period
37.703 Accession
Maternity Title
1873 Period
37.2560 Accession
mother, child, sweet, motherhood, lush, carpet Tags
Portrait of a Sailor
Portrait of a Sailor Title
ca.1858 Period
37.2663 Accession
dark, african, encountering, africanancestryineuropeanart Tags
Portrait of an Elderly Lady
Portrait of an Elderly Lady Title
ca. 1820 Period
37.392 Accession
faded, lady, portrait, hat, old Tags
Portrait of Countess Livia da Porto Thiene and her Daughter Deidamia
Portrait of Countess Livia da Porto Thiene and her Daughter Deidamia Title
1552 (Renaissance) Period
37.541 Accession
motherhood, maternal, fashion, teacher, resource, kit, mother, costume, pearls, oil, canvas, invincible, loveandmarriage, mannerism, renaissance, portrait, ri923 Tags
Portrait of George Washington
Portrait of George Washington Title
1825 Period
37.171 Accession
Profile Head of a Young Woman
Profile Head of a Young Woman Title
before 1878 Period
37.1012 Accession
oriental, egyptian Tags
Repose Title
19th century Period
37.160 Accession
creature, romanticism, french, cows, cow Tags
The Awakening
The Awakening Title
1863 Period
37.106 Accession
mother, child Tags