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Bill Nichols

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"La Source" Pendant and Necklace
"La Source" Pendant and Necklace Title
ca. 1902 Period
57.941 Accession
french, jewelry, nouveau, woman, flowers, grace, amber, games, buddha, miners, nudes, flower, necklace, pendant, lalique, enamel Tags
'Twixt Venus and Bacchus
'Twixt Venus and Bacchus Title
1882 Period
37.974 Accession
fountain, mirror, angels, victoire, fine, marble Tags
Carp Vase
Carp Vase Title
1878-1884 Period
47.384 Accession
fish, animal, vase, glass, creature Tags
Circular Covered Box
Circular Covered Box Title
ca. 1925 Period
44.692 Accession
box, enamel, pattern, flower, flowers Tags
Coming Out of Church
Coming Out of Church Title
before 1875 Period
37.48 Accession
century, church, teacher, resource, kit, umbrella, rain, sdesmv Tags
Covered Jar
Covered Jar Title
1898-1907 Period
44.589 Accession
jar, tiffany, enamel, floral, flower, nouveau Tags
Fern Leaves Brooch
Fern Leaves Brooch Title
1903-1904 Period
57.935 Accession
diamond, paris, leaves, brooch, jewelry, diamonds, nude, lalique, fern, artdeco, silver-gilt Tags
My Sister Is Not In
My Sister Is Not In Title
1879 Period
37.86 Accession
roman, neoclassical, women, hiding, sister, alz525, visitors, amoresytraiciones, strikeapose Tags
Mysterious and Veiled Nature Reveals Herself Before Science
Mysterious and Veiled Nature Reveals Herself Before Science Title
1899 Period
71.444 Accession
paris salon, nude, sculpture, woman, ivory, silver Tags
Pansy Brooch
Pansy Brooch Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.943 Accession
lalique, brooch, jewelry, gold, glass, enamel, sapphire, pansy, flower, flowers, underfire, nouveau Tags
Replica of The Hémicycle
Replica of The Hémicycle Title
1853 Period
37.83 Accession
waltersfamily, teachersandstudents, compareschoolofathensraphael, longhorizontalaxis Tags
The Arbor
The Arbor Title
ca. 1906 Period
37.2626 Accession
hay Tags
The Café-Concert
The Café-Concert Title
ca. 1879 Period
37.893 Accession
century, beer, cafe, gentleman, impressionsim, moustache, paris, tophat, unibrow, urban, isolation, cravat, drinking, teacher, resource, kit, bain, memorytour, retratos, strikeapose, phonewallpapers, reninst19 Tags
The Dancer
The Dancer Title
1900 Period
48.1736 Accession
sevres, dancer Tags
The Foolish Virgins
The Foolish Virgins Title
1884-1885 Period
37.914 Accession
The Painter and His Model
The Painter and His Model Title
1855 Period
37.322 Accession
polovtsoff, painter, model, contemplation, realism, palette, muse, stretcher Tags
The Triumph of Titus: AD 71, The Flavians
The Triumph of Titus: AD 71, The Flavians Title
1885 Period
37.31 Accession
walking, rome, toga, emperor, jerusalem, neoclassical, candelabra, old, past, claudius, perilousfight, menorah Tags
The Virgin Annunciate
The Virgin Annunciate Title
ca. 1900 Period
38.171 Accession
The Young Girl of Bou-Saada
The Young Girl of Bou-Saada Title
after 1890 Period
71.430 Accession
sculpture, ivory, algeria , other Tags
Vase Title
1902 Period
48.2356 Accession
art, nouveau, flower, flowers Tags
Vase Title
ca. 1884 Period
47.383 Accession
Vase Showing a Japanese Lady
Vase Showing a Japanese Lady Title
1878-84 Period
47.380 Accession
Vase with Cherry Tree Branches
Vase with Cherry Tree Branches Title
ca. 1900 Period
47.570 Accession
nouveau, posthumous, notgallé Tags
Wall Cabinet
Wall Cabinet Title
late 19th century Period
65.87 Accession
cabinet, wood, furniture, nouveau Tags
Xanthe and Phaon
Xanthe and Phaon Title
1883 Period
37.973 Accession