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Elements of Art

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A Harvest Shower
A Harvest Shower Title
ca. 1815 Period
37.228 Accession
british, landscape, harvest, rain Tags
Aeneas Offers Sacrifice to the Gods of the Lower World
Aeneas Offers Sacrifice to the Gods of the Lower World Title
ca. 1530-1540 (Renaissance) Period
44.57 Accession
Blue and Green Landscape
Blue and Green Landscape Title
1400-1450 (Ming) Period
35.10 Accession
Bottle with Omodaka Plant
Bottle with Omodaka Plant Title
1660-1670 (Edo) Period
49.1989 Accession
reninstae Tags
Bunch of Grapes
Bunch of Grapes Title
1873 Period
37.1887 Accession
food, plant, american, grapes, baltimorean, fruit, pritey, waltersfamily Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Dido, Queen of Carthage
Dido, Queen of Carthage Title
ca. 1564-1565 (Renaissance) Period
44.240 Accession
tiara, jewels, formal, africanancestryineuropeanart, renaissance, ri923 Tags
Head of a Man
Head of a Man Title
ca. 2350-2280 BCE (Old Kingdom) Period
22.62 Accession
hair Tags
Lion Drinking
Lion Drinking Title
ca. 1897 Period
37.2932 Accession
orientalism, impessionism, encountering, lion, impressionism, animal Tags
Mummified Human Remains of a Woman Inside a Painted Cartonnage
Mummified Human Remains of a Woman Inside a Painted Cartonnage Title
2nd half 9th-1st half 8th century BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
79.1 Accession
egypt, mummy, teacher, resource, kit, mary, sarcophagus, seth, momias, smvaw, plaster Tags
Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora with a Musical Competition
Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora with a Musical Competition Title
ca. 500-485 BCE (Late Archaic) Period
48.2107 Accession
ancient, chicken, athena, herakles, music, red-figure, amphora, panathenaic, athens, greece, light, cool, gamesoflife Tags
Still Life with Fruit
Still Life with Fruit Title
ca. 1850 Period
37.168 Accession
orange, grapes, stillife Tags
Textile Doll
Textile Doll Title
1000-1450 (Late Intermediate) Period
83.768 Accession
The Sheepfold, Moonlight
The Sheepfold, Moonlight Title
1856-1860 Period
37.30 Accession
creature, moon, nocturnal, sheep, shepherd, pasture, evening, dusk, light, mysterious, beach, lonely, dog, reninst19 Tags
Turban Cover
Turban Cover Title
18th century (Ottoman) Period
83.178 Accession
embroidery, fabric, headwear, red, blue, silk, ottoman, flower, cover, turban, flowers, algeria Tags