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News from Afar
News from Afar Title
mid 1860s Period
37.183 Accession
woman, dress, globe, travel, letter, reading, grace, aww, hope, realism, japonaiserie, vase, wallcovering, hairstyle, interior, domestic, brown, love, heart Tags
News from Home
News from Home Title
1856-1857 Period
37.85 Accession
soldier, war, reading, weapon, gun, scottish, man Tags
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday Title
ca. 1862 Period
37.141 Accession
religion, woman, portrait, family, love, dress, mourning, memory, miniature, seduction, realism Tags
Pandora Title
1873 Period
37.99 Accession
rule-breakers, myth, woman, portrait, troublemaker Tags
Portrait of Dr. Meer
Portrait of Dr. Meer Title
ca. 1795 Period
37.2778 Accession
man, portrait, skull, funny Tags
Portrait of Ginevra Aldrovandi Hercolani
Portrait of Ginevra Aldrovandi Hercolani Title
ca. 1595 (Renaissance) Period
37.1915 Accession
widow, mourning, portrait, invincible, loveandmarriage, female, renaissance, faithfulness, dogsinart, retratos, strikeapose, mannerism Tags
Portrait of Henry Walters
Portrait of Henry Walters Title
1947 Period
37.2000 Accession
wind, meninart Tags
Portrait of Miss Moffat
Portrait of Miss Moffat Title
1826 Period
37.72 Accession
jewelry, elegant, pearls, woman, retratos, phonewallpapers Tags
Springtime Title
1872 Period
37.11 Accession
century, garden, young, woman, green, monet, camille, reading, springtime, teacher, resource, kit, hat, tranquility, impressionism, claude, spring, sunlight, shadow, sun, bonnet, renoir, flower, bain, flowers, retratos, cafe Tags
Still Life with Flowers
Still Life with Flowers Title
1852 Period
37.166 Accession
bouquet, roses, ferns, buttercups, forget-me-not, daisy, flowers, flower Tags
The Café-Concert
The Café-Concert Title
ca. 1879 Period
37.893 Accession
century, beer, cafe, gentleman, impressionsim, moustache, paris, tophat, unibrow, urban, isolation, cravat, drinking, teacher, resource, kit, bain, memorytour, retratos, strikeapose, phonewallpapers Tags
The Cherry Picker
The Cherry Picker Title
1871 Period
37.2780 Accession
children, cherry, tree, charm, garden, spring, fruit, child, barefoot, cherrytree, pretty, beautiful, weirdo Tags
The Miniature
The Miniature Title
1794-1859 Period
37.214 Accession
pensive Tags
The Painter and His Model
The Painter and His Model Title
1855 Period
37.322 Accession
polovtsoff, painter, model, contemplation, realism, palette, muse, stretcher Tags