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"Venus" (Seated Woman)
"Venus" (Seated Woman) Title
after 1769 Period
27.306 Accession
nude, venus, sculpture, marble, myth, woman, grace, aww, hope, roses, quiver, drapery, love Tags
Apollo Victorious over Python
Apollo Victorious over Python Title
1591 (Renaissance) Period
27.302 Accession
arrows, bow, archery, sagitarrius, apollo, for, just, touchtour, 27512, python, where is the python, medici, renaissance, mannerism Tags
Ariadne Deserted on the Isle of Naxos
Ariadne Deserted on the Isle of Naxos Title
1903 Period
28.6 Accession
dispair, marble, sculpture, nude, woman, myth Tags
Ganymede Title
1777-1787 Period
27.512 Accession
myth, eagle, bird, sculpture, marble, touchtour Tags