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Daumier,Etc. (Up to page 7, 18th and 19th century).

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A Cook
A Cook Title
1862 Period
37.1505 Accession
watercolor, eating, food, cook, woman, red, apron, knife, kitchen, copper, basket, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, leek, turnip Tags
A Princely Voyeur
A Princely Voyeur Title
ca. 1775 Period
W.867 Accession
voyeur, princess, bathing Tags
A Roman Slave Market
A Roman Slave Market Title
ca. 1884 Period
37.885 Accession
gerome, rule-breakers, slave, market, nude, woman, roman, tiepolo, islam, boys, pretty Tags
Alexander the Great Kills Fur, the King of India
Alexander the Great Kills Fur, the King of India Title
1028 AH/AD 1618-1619 (Qajar) Period
W.602.433B Accession
Amnon Attacking Tamar
Amnon Attacking Tamar Title
ca. 1520 (Renaissance) Period
37.779 Accession
bedroom, clock, flemish, deceit, amnon, bible, tamar Tags
Boston Street Scene (Boston Common)
Boston Street Scene (Boston Common) Title
1898-99 Period
37.2766 Accession
century, african, american, award, black, pretty, street, boston, african-american, teacher, resource, kit, impressionism, bostonian, encountering, landscapes Tags
Breton Peasant Girl
Breton Peasant Girl Title
1909 Period
37.1221 Accession
drawing, girl, peasant, beautiful, wow Tags
Car Man and Coal Heaver
Car Man and Coal Heaver Title
1848 Period
37.1497 Accession
watercolor, drawing, men, drinking, workers Tags
Cattle Drinking
Cattle Drinking Title
1851 Period
37.59 Accession
cows, animals, landscape, water, sun, sky, wakisachi, katana, resurrection, romantic, memorytour, msd4419, cow Tags
Charles Dikran Kelekian
Charles Dikran Kelekian Title
1910 Period
37.2656 Accession
art, boy, charles, dikran, great, work, hat, awesome, portrait, mary, cassatt, fine, dignified, squinty-nose, drawing, impressionism, american, kind, nice, japonisme, cool, fabulous, good, lonely, unfinished, royal, sad, detailed, self-portrait, gloomy, incomplete, handsome, interesting, beautiful, fashion, games, love, ladies, realistic, neat, amazing, cute, normal, but, look, color, happy, baby, tie, kiss, expressive, discoveries602 Tags
Children Going to Church
Children Going to Church Title
1828-1906 Period
37.1407 Accession
children, church, faith, winter, drawing, french, cute, wilderness Tags
Conversation Piece: Three Heads
Conversation Piece: Three Heads Title
1872 Period
37.2429 Accession
drawing, faces, people, conversation, social Tags
Diana Reposing
Diana Reposing Title
ca. 1859 Period
37.12 Accession
diana, myth, nude, woman, lovely, erotic Tags
Dragon Title
1816-1828 (Edo) Period
35.168.8 Accession
dragon, creature Tags
Dutch Interior
Dutch Interior Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.144 Accession
cat, animal, genre, dutch, kitchen, sleep Tags
Elephants in Water
Elephants in Water Title
ca. 1850 Period
37.819 Accession
elephant, animal, watercolor, creature, sky Tags
Girl Teasing a Cat
Girl Teasing a Cat Title
ca. 1630 (Baroque) Period
37.2659 Accession
genre, chiaroscuro, sensual, utrecht, cat, teasing, skin, naughty, tenebrism Tags
Leaf from Adimari Book of Hours
Leaf from Adimari Book of Hours Title
1448 (Renaissance) Period
W.767.169V Accession
david, goliath Tags
Leaf from Book of Hours: Hours of the Nativity of the Virgin, Woman Dancing in Margin
Leaf from Book of Hours: Hours of the Nativity of the Virgin, Woman Dancing in Margin Title
ca. 1300-1310 (Medieval) Period
W.37.20V Accession
checkmate Tags
Portrait of Estelle Balfour
Portrait of Estelle Balfour Title
1863-1865 Period
37.179 Accession
sad, woman, trees, sombre, blind Tags
Study for a Painting of a Costume Ball Given by the Princess of Sagan
Study for a Painting of a Costume Ball Given by the Princess of Sagan Title
1883 Period
37.2607 Accession
ball, costumes Tags
The Amateurs
The Amateurs Title
1865-1868 Period
37.1228 Accession
arrr Tags
The Café-Concert
The Café-Concert Title
ca. 1879 Period
37.893 Accession
century, beer, cafe, gentleman, impressionsim, moustache, paris, tophat, unibrow, urban, isolation, cravat, drinking, teacher, resource, kit, bain, memorytour, retratos, strikeapose, phonewallpapers Tags
The First Class Carriage
The First Class Carriage Title
1864 Period
37.1225 Accession
The Little Housekeeper
The Little Housekeeper Title
1857 Period
37.18 Accession
The Second Class Carriage
The Second Class Carriage Title
1864 Period
37.1224 Accession
travel Tags
The Suicide
The Suicide Title
ca. 1836 Period
37.42 Accession
suicide Tags
The Third Class Carriage
The Third Class Carriage Title
1864 Period
37.1226 Accession
The Waning Honeymoon
The Waning Honeymoon Title
1878 Period
37.129 Accession
sad, genre, erudition, dog, albany, english, dogsinart Tags
浴後之女 (Woman after the Bath (Yokujo no Onna))
浴後之女 (Woman after the Bath (Yokujo no Onna)) Title
1920 Period
95.881 Accession
phonewallpapers Tags