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Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve Title
ca. 1515 (Renaissance) Period
27.219 Accession
adam, rule, breakers, rule-breakers, eve, adameve, dellarobbia, snake, medici, pope, goodvsevil, dellarobia, workshop, renaissance Tags
Amphibian Pendant
Amphibian Pendant Title
ca. 800-1500 (Pre-Colombian) Period
57.301 Accession
ancient, americas, gold, panama, sculpture, southamerica, pendant, jewelry, frog, crocodile, shark, iguana, ancientamericas, ancientamerica, centralamerica, pre-columbian, chiriqui Tags
Avian Pendant
Avian Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.82 Accession
creature, bird, gold, southamerica, panama, ancient, americas, pendant, jewelry, flute Tags
Battered Warrior (?) Figure
Battered Warrior (?) Figure Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.44 Accession
remojadas, veracruz, clay, ceramic, earthenware, ancient, americas, southamerica, mexico, headdress, face, sitting, sculpture, figure, man, warrior Tags
Bowl with Coat of Arms
Bowl with Coat of Arms Title
ca. 1540-1550 (Renaissance) Period
48.1485 Accession
Crocodile Effigy Lime Dipper
Crocodile Effigy Lime Dipper Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.84 Accession
creature, panama, southamerica, ancient, americas, gold, tool, pin, lime, dipper, jewelry, metal Tags
Dog Effigy
Dog Effigy Title
100 BC-AD 300 Period
2009.20.51 Accession
mexico, creature, money Tags
Ewer Title
16th century with 17th century (?) additions Period
49.1617 Accession
Kuwana: The Story of the Sailor Tokuzō
Kuwana: The Story of the Sailor Tokuzō Title
ca. 1845-1846 (late Edo) Period
95.585 Accession
ghost, monster Tags
Mummy Mask with Wig
Mummy Mask with Wig Title
1000-1450 (Late Intermediate) Period
61.355 Accession
mask, tiny Tags
Plate with a Castle
Plate with a Castle Title
ca. 1450-1465 (late Medieval) Period
48.1300 Accession
Presepio Figure
Presepio Figure Title
ca. 1790 (Italian late Baroque) Period
27.604.6 Accession