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Telling Stories in Art High School

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At Sea
At Sea Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.135 Accession
ship, sea, ocean, boat, storm, waves, seafever Tags
Beggar Looking through His Hat
Beggar Looking through His Hat Title
ca. 1615 Period
37.2647 Accession
rule-breakers, genre, tempera, french, lorraine, canvas Tags
Daydreams Title
1859 Period
37.44 Accession
century, cute, bubbles, dream, boy, vanity, lazy, pensive Tags
Prince Maurits with His Horse and Groom
Prince Maurits with His Horse and Groom Title
1624 (Baroque) Period
37.2507 Accession
equine, war, regal, dutch Tags
Sunset on the Coast
Sunset on the Coast Title
ca. 1870-75 Period
37.120 Accession
sunset, boat, waves, sail, orange, ocean, seafever, seascape Tags
The Catskills
The Catskills Title
1859 Period
37.122 Accession
abstract, landscape, transcendentialism, romantic, memorytour, nature, waltersfamily Tags
The Cherry Picker
The Cherry Picker Title
1871 Period
37.2780 Accession
children, cherry, tree, charm, garden, spring, fruit, child, barefoot, cherrytree, pretty, beautiful, weirdo Tags
The Edicts of Charles V
The Edicts of Charles V Title
ca. 1861 Period
37.123 Accession
flemish, historic, catholic, belgian, antwerp, teachersandstudents Tags