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Animals in Art

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African Elephant Running
African Elephant Running Title
19th century Period
27.55 Accession
french, sculpture, bronze, cute, elephant, animal, creature Tags
Algerian Dromedary
Algerian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.102 Accession
camel, animal, bronze, sculpture, desert, creature, cast Tags
Allegory of the Element Earth
Allegory of the Element Earth Title
ca. 1580 (Renaissance) Period
37.2363 Accession
lion, monkey, rabbit, food, italy, dog, earth, heaven, eden, fruit, vegetables, bounty, thanksgiving, venetian, ecce homo pedro orrente, harvest, cat, carpet, dogsinart, visitors, msd4419 Tags
Basset Standing with Head Turned to the Right
Basset Standing with Head Turned to the Right Title
modeled ca. 1841 Period
27.72 Accession
dog, sculpture, bronze, cute, creature Tags
Bear Standing Upright
Bear Standing Upright Title
19th century Period
27.137 Accession
bear, animal, sculpture, bronze, creature Tags
Before the Race
Before the Race Title
1882-1884 Period
37.850 Accession
horse, horses, jockeys, impressionism, racing, creature, men, black, yellow, gamesoflife, reninst19 Tags
Cattle Drinking
Cattle Drinking Title
1851 Period
37.59 Accession
cows, animals, landscape, water, sun, sky, wakisachi, katana, resurrection, romantic, memorytour, msd4419, cow Tags
Deer with Foreleg Raised
Deer with Foreleg Raised Title
modeled ca. 1838 Period
27.90 Accession
Diogenes Title
1860 Period
37.131 Accession
cynism, gerome, dogs, animals, light, poor, loyalty, hellenic, dogsinart, teachersandstudents, msd4419, sdesmv, diogenes Tags
Doe Lying Down
Doe Lying Down Title
19th century Period
27.30 Accession
doe, deer, sculpture, animal, bronze Tags
Early Morning
Early Morning Title
mid 19th century Period
37.143 Accession
cows, landscape, animals, romantic, french, woman Tags
Elephant of Cochin-China
Elephant of Cochin-China Title
19th century Period
27.61 Accession
animal, elephant, cute, bronze, sculpture, life Tags
Ewe and Lamb
Ewe and Lamb Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1619 Accession
animals, drawing, sheep, cute Tags
Falcon Reliquary
Falcon Reliquary Title
ca. 600-350 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.547 Accession
creature Tags
Figure of the Apis Bull
Figure of the Apis Bull Title
6th century BCE (Late Period) Period
54.538 Accession
bull, creature Tags
First Disappointment
First Disappointment Title
1861 Period
28.11 Accession
century, marble, sculpture, child, peasant, girl, american, teacher, resource, kit Tags
Ganesha Title
1st half 11th century (Pala) Period
25.49 Accession
belly, dancing, elephant, god, hindu, sculpture, made, indian, religion, religious, statue, trunk, ganesha, bihar, lobby, holy, cow, ganesh, vinayak, bain, india Tags
Greyhound Title
modeled: 1868; posthumously cast: post-1875 Period
27.475 Accession
animal, dog Tags
Half-Blood Horse
Half-Blood Horse Title
19th century Period
27.52 Accession
horse, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Horn with Animals in Vine Scrolls
Horn with Animals in Vine Scrolls Title
11th century (Medieval) Period
71.234 Accession
creature, ivory, oliphant, byzvir Tags
Jaguar Walking, Number 1
Jaguar Walking, Number 1 Title
19th century Period
27.95 Accession
walking, creature, jaguar, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Landscape in Scotland
Landscape in Scotland Title
ca. 1878 Period
37.2625 Accession
landscape, scotland, mountains, sky, light, trees, romanticism, memorytour, landscapes, mac2019, landscare Tags
Large Lion
Large Lion Title
early 1830s Period
37.827 Accession
lion, watercolor, creature, animal, children Tags
Lion and Tortoise
Lion and Tortoise Title
1835 Period
37.1220 Accession
lion, tortoise, drawing, animals, line Tags
Lion in Repose
Lion in Repose Title
early 19th century Period
37.882 Accession
creature, lion, animal, princess Tags
Mold for a Heron Plaque
Mold for a Heron Plaque Title
2nd-1st century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
22.284 Accession
creature, heron, bird, mold, limestone, nile, afterlife, sun, flooding, egypt, egyptian, greco-roman, baby, underfire, phonewallpapers Tags
Monkey Title
19th century Period
54.2496 Accession
creature, monkey, animal, bronze, sculpture Tags
Noah's Family Assembling Animals before the Ark
Noah's Family Assembling Animals before the Ark Title
ca. 1660 (Baroque) Period
37.1998 Accession
ark, creature, leopard, birds, forest, germany, german, horse, animal, religion, biblical, christian, bible, religious, dog, baroque, animals Tags
On the Desert
On the Desert Title
before 1867 Period
37.34 Accession
dog, animals, man, desert, gerome, orientalism, sand, storm, hunting, encountering, dogsinart Tags
Ploughing Scene
Ploughing Scene Title
1854 Period
37.836 Accession
century, agriculture, teacher, resource, kit, ox, farmer, invincible, landscape, ploughman, birds, haystacks, french, naturalism, animalsinart, reninst19, animals Tags
Portrait of Marquess Massimiliano Stampa
Portrait of Marquess Massimiliano Stampa Title
1557 (High Renaissance) Period
37.1016 Accession
mannerism, apple, invincible, meninart, female, renaissance, portrait, oil, sword, dogsinart, retratos, strikeapose, manuscripts, ri923 Tags
Rabbit with Ears Down
Rabbit with Ears Down Title
19th century Period
27.25 Accession
creature Tags
Rabbit, Ears Raised
Rabbit, Ears Raised Title
first offered for sale 1845 Period
27.59 Accession
creature, rabbit Tags
Rearing Bull
Rearing Bull Title
modeled: 1841; first cast: ca. 1845 Period
27.38 Accession
creature Tags
Reclinging Doe and Faun
Reclinging Doe and Faun Title
19th century Period
27.29 Accession
creature Tags
Repose Title
19th century Period
37.160 Accession
creature, romanticism, french, cows, cow Tags
Rhinoceros Title
ca. 1900 Period
27.480 Accession
creature Tags
River Scene
River Scene Title
1868 Period
37.2933 Accession
language, landscapes, reninst19 Tags
Roger and Angelica Mounted on the Hippogriff
Roger and Angelica Mounted on the Hippogriff Title
modeled: ca. 1840; first cast: 1846 Period
27.173 Accession
century, creature, hippogriff Tags
Running Jaguar
Running Jaguar Title
ca. 1830-1840 Period
37.820 Accession
sappho, creature, hello, wasupkids, veryweird, wasuup, dimer Tags
Seated Cat
Seated Cat Title
1824-1910 Period
54.2461 Accession
creature Tags
Seated Lion
Seated Lion Title
First cast: 1847 Period
27.448 Accession
creature Tags
Snuffbox with Mosaic of a Seated Dog
Snuffbox with Mosaic of a Seated Dog Title
mid 19th century Period
43.10 Accession
creature, dog, animal, mosaic Tags
Spaniel and Goose
Spaniel and Goose Title
modeled ca. 1820 Period
27.97 Accession
dog, goose Tags
Spaniel With Puppies
Spaniel With Puppies Title
1840 Period
37.1272 Accession
dog, creature Tags
Stag In The Woods
Stag In The Woods Title
19th century Period
37.2613 Accession
Statue of a Crocodile with the Head of a Falcon
Statue of a Crocodile with the Head of a Falcon Title
ca. 380-250 BCE (Late Period (30th dynasty)-early Ptolemaic Period) Period
22.347 Accession
creature, sobek, horus, deity, egypt, egyptian, fayyum, faiyum, khofo Tags
Statue of a Seated Cat
Statue of a Seated Cat Title
ca. 664-350 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.403 Accession
creature, cat, ancient, egypt, gold, statue, seated, earrings Tags
Stork Standing on a Turtle
Stork Standing on a Turtle Title
first offered 1845 Period
27.139 Accession
creature Tags
Syria, The Night Watch
Syria, The Night Watch Title
1880 Period
37.84 Accession
lion, ruins, oriental, syrian, msd4419 Tags