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"Skyphos" with Dancer and "Komast"
"Skyphos" with Dancer and "Komast" Title
ca. 475-450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.2121 Accession
Base with Two Prostrate Figures
Base with Two Prostrate Figures Title
ca. 1880 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty) Period
22.373 Accession
Female Title
mid 4th millennium BCE (Predynastic) Period
71.535 Accession
female Tags
Head of a Queen
Head of a Queen Title
2119-1793 BC (?) (Middle Kingdom (?)) Period
22.376 Accession
Kylix with Sirens
Kylix with Sirens Title
6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
48.37 Accession
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