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Cigarette Case
Cigarette Case Title
1899-1909 Period
44.979 Accession
Enameled Watch with Flowers
Enameled Watch with Flowers Title
1630-1650 (Baroque) Period
58.140 Accession
flowers, flower Tags
Heart-Shaped Toilet Case
Heart-Shaped Toilet Case Title
ca. 1750 Period
57.842 Accession
Les Ballades Fran├žaises
Les Ballades Fran├žaises Title
1927 Period
92.1033 Accession
Rice Dish
Rice Dish Title
1898-1907 Period
48.2756 Accession
creature Tags
Stamp Box
Stamp Box Title
1899-1908 Period
44.820 Accession
Vase Title
1902 Period
48.2356 Accession
art, nouveau, flower, flowers Tags