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Aryballos in the Form of a Hedgehog
Aryballos in the Form of a Hedgehog Title
6th-5th century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
48.2863 Accession
hedgehog, ceramics, egypt, naukratis, creatures, sacredanimal, buffalo, ladybird, artmatters Tags
Askos in the Form of a Duck
Askos in the Form of a Duck Title
late 5th century BCE (Classical) Period
48.270 Accession
Christ Child
Christ Child Title
late 16th century Period
42.360 Accession
christchild, a1 Tags
Double-Chambered Vessel with Monkey
Double-Chambered Vessel with Monkey Title
ca. 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
48.2774 Accession
monkey, creature Tags
Female Effigy Figure
Female Effigy Figure Title
n. d. Period
2009.20.7 Accession
Fragments of a Head
Fragments of a Head Title
1st century CE (Roman Imperial) Period
23.104 Accession
caligula Tags
Goddess or Priestess
Goddess or Priestess Title
16th century BCE or early 20th century (Late Minoan or modern) Period
71.1090 Accession
test, 1350ce, snake, goddess, fertility, minoan, priestess, knossus, crete, ivory, gold, 16thcenturybc, fecundity, potniatheron Tags
Head Title
2040-1900 BC (Middle Kingdom) Period
22.221 Accession
Head and Bust of a Woman
Head and Bust of a Woman Title
late 1st century BCE-early 4th century CE (Greco-Roman) Period
22.408 Accession
Head from a Mummy Case (?)
Head from a Mummy Case (?) Title
ca. 746-335 BC (Late Period) Period
22.252 Accession
Head of a Crocodile
Head of a Crocodile Title
ca. 380-250 BCE (Late Period (30th dynasty)-early Ptolemaic Period) Period
47.117 Accession
sobek, deity, fayyum, faiyum, egypt, egyptian, glass, glassware Tags
Head-Stela of a Smiling Woman
Head-Stela of a Smiling Woman Title
3rd-1st century BCE Period
21.29 Accession
Hollow Seated Figure
Hollow Seated Figure Title
1200-900 BC (Early Pre-Classic) Period
48.2805 Accession
Human Effigy Ocarina
Human Effigy Ocarina Title
AD 200-500 (Period IV) Period
2009.20.92 Accession
Ibex-Shaped Vessel
Ibex-Shaped Vessel Title
ca. 1000 BC Period
48.2228 Accession
creature, ibex, vessel Tags
Intaglio of a Kneeling Warrior
Intaglio of a Kneeling Warrior Title
1st century BC (?) (Hellenistic) Period
42.455 Accession
Jaguar Mortar
Jaguar Mortar Title
1500-300 BC (Late Formative) Period
41.326 Accession
magic, ritual Tags
Mask Title
ca. 600-300 BC (Late Formative) Period
29.4 Accession
big, nose, teotihuacan , mask Tags
Mask Title
250-850 CE (?) (Classic (?)) Period
2009.20.298 Accession
mask Tags
Nude Female Figurine
Nude Female Figurine Title
2000-1600 BC (Old Syrian) Period
48.2402 Accession
terracotta Tags
Pair of Dieties
Pair of Dieties Title
14th-13th century BCE (Hittite Empire) Period
57.971 Accession
hittite Tags
Pendant in the Shape of a Ram Head
Pendant in the Shape of a Ram Head Title
5th-4th century BC Period
47.97 Accession
pendant, creature Tags
Protective Figure of Aha-Bes
Protective Figure of Aha-Bes Title
ca. 1800-1750 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 13th dynasty) Period
48.420 Accession
creature, magicwand, demon Tags
Pyxis with Bust of a Dog
Pyxis with Bust of a Dog Title
4th century BC (Classical) Period
48.82 Accession
dog, creature, funny Tags
Seated Female Figure
Seated Female Figure Title
0-1500 Period
29.3 Accession
Standing Female Figure
Standing Female Figure Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.62 Accession
Thoth-Baboon Title
664-332 BC (Late Period) Period
48.1543 Accession
Thoth-Ibis Figure
Thoth-Ibis Figure Title
7th century BC (Late Period) Period
54.2152 Accession
creature Tags
Xipe Totec Impersonator
Xipe Totec Impersonator Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.11 Accession