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Bowl with Triton
Bowl with Triton Title
19th century Period
57.1924 Accession
bowl, myth, god, gold, enamel Tags
Ceremonial Cup
Ceremonial Cup Title
ca. 1697-1722 (Late Baroque) Period
57.1994 Accession
cup, horse, creature, ceremonial, drink, germany, bottomsup Tags
Goblet Title
early 20th century Period
47.344 Accession
green Tags
Gothic-Style Bracelet
Gothic-Style Bracelet Title
ca. 1870 Period
57.1999 Accession
bracelet, diadem, arches, gold, stones Tags
Hippopotamus Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.355 Accession
green, creature, cute, hippo, baby, chubby, nephrite, faberge Tags