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"Vanitas" Still Life
"Vanitas" Still Life Title
ca. 1665 (Baroque) Period
37.682 Accession
death, globe, mortality, symbolic, book, hourglass, pen, books, vanitas, philosophy, skullsandbones, armant Tags
A Venetian Courtyard
A Venetian Courtyard Title
ca. 1770s (Baroque) Period
37.607 Accession
venice, architecture, stairs, work, dog Tags
Alexander the Great at the Tomb of Achilles
Alexander the Great at the Tomb of Achilles Title
ca. 1718-1719 (Baroque) Period
37.510 Accession
neoclassical, columns, baroque, roman, deference, oil, fantasy Tags
Certaldo, June 6th, '61
Certaldo, June 6th, '61 Title
1861 Period
37.1546 Accession
italy Tags
Virgin of the Deliverance
Virgin of the Deliverance Title
after 1872 Period
37.5 Accession