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"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase")
"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase") Title
1710-1722 (Qing) Period
49.155 Accession
graceful, peach Tags
"Vanitas" Still Life
"Vanitas" Still Life Title
ca. 1665 (Baroque) Period
37.682 Accession
death, globe, mortality, symbolic, book, hourglass, pen, books, vanitas, philosophy, skullsandbones, armant Tags
Bowl with Allegorical figures
Bowl with Allegorical figures Title
1890-1911 Period
47.354 Accession
Circular Pendant on a Chain
Circular Pendant on a Chain Title
7th century BC (Orientalizing) Period
57.410 Accession