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Amun Title
1550-1069 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
54.481 Accession
Apis Bull
Apis Bull Title
4th-3rd century BCE (early Ptolemaic) Period
57.1477 Accession
Hellenistic Ruler
Hellenistic Ruler Title
2nd-1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
54.1045 Accession
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Hippopotamus Title
1550-1292 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
22.138 Accession
Magic Wand Depicting a Procession of Deities
Magic Wand Depicting a Procession of Deities Title
ca. 1880-1700 BCE (Middle Kingdom, late 12th-13th dynasty) Period
71.510 Accession
momias, tothehunt, magic, magictour Tags
Male Figure Standing
Male Figure Standing Title
2347-1793 BCE (Late Old Kingdom-Middle Kingdom) Period
22.237 Accession
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Standing Amen
Standing Amen Title
ca. 1335-1323 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
54.401 Accession
Ushabti-Figure of Irtu
Ushabti-Figure of Irtu Title
ca. 1388-1348 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
22.180 Accession