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From Rye to Raphael, the Walters Story

From Rye to Raphael: The Walters Story brings together for the first time an extraordinary group of art and artifacts to illustrate the intriguing stories behind the magnificent gift to the City from the Walters family. The dramatic new installation features 200 works chosen for their beauty and craftsmanship as well as never-before-seen Walters family photographs and historic material culled from the museum’s archives. At the end of the installation, which celebrates the 80th anniversary of the opening of the Walters Art Museum, visitors are invited to consider the impact of giving on our community today.

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"Surtout de table": Bear Hunt
"Surtout de table": Bear Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.183 Accession
creature, grace, aww, hope, cool, notlove, sleuth, bears, beaten, dogsinart Tags
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.175 Accession
ouch, animal, bronze, sculpture, elk, hunt, creature, unusual, different, mongolia, tothehunt Tags
"Surtout de table": Lion Hunt
"Surtout de table": Lion Hunt Title
1834-1837 Period
27.174 Accession
lion, hunt, broze, bronze, sculpture, horse, creature, bain, tothehunt, msd4419 Tags
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt Title
1834-1836 Period
27.176 Accession
century, amazing, elephant, animal, bronze, tiger, hunt, creature, grace, aww, cool, tothehunt, waltersfamily Tags
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.178 Accession
jesus, bull, animal, hunt, bronze, sculpture, creature, grace, aww, cool, hope, leaves, armour, shield, horse, flowers, tothehunt, dogsinart Tags
"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase")
"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase") Title
1710-1722 (Qing) Period
49.155 Accession
graceful, peach Tags
1814 Title
1862 Period
37.52 Accession
military, royalty, portrait, french, horse, creature, grace, aww, hope, dark, napoleon, shoes, clouds, storm, war, landscape, slouching, pale, bain, perilousfight Tags
A Portrait
A Portrait Title
1852 Period
37.75 Accession
portrait, french, woman Tags
A Roman Emperor: 41 AD
A Roman Emperor: 41 AD Title
1871 Period
37.165 Accession
roman, royalty, murder, military, caligula, gratus, claudius, caesonia, hermaeum, rome, teachersandstudents, strikeapose Tags
A Roman Slave Market
A Roman Slave Market Title
ca. 1884 Period
37.885 Accession
gerome, rule-breakers, slave, market, nude, woman, roman, tiepolo, islam, boys, pretty Tags
A Stream in the Adirondacks
A Stream in the Adirondacks Title
1859 Period
37.103 Accession
hudson, river, landscape, stream, animals, deer, mountains, american, landscapes Tags
A Swamp in the Landes
A Swamp in the Landes Title
after 1844 Period
37.991 Accession
swamp, landscape, sky, clouds, barbizon, realism, landscapes Tags
African Venus
African Venus Title
1851 Period
54.2665 Accession
slavery, french, bust, sculpture, bronze, portrait, woman, venus, gold, teacher, resource, kit, beyond, african, black, beautiful, power, royalty, hair, dreadlocks, wisdom, beauty, feminine, female, strength, strong, dignity, nobility, noble, victoria, queen, african-american, invincible, bain, memorytour, encountering, retratos Tags
Allegory of the Element Earth
Allegory of the Element Earth Title
ca. 1580 (Renaissance) Period
37.2363 Accession
lion, monkey, rabbit, food, italy, dog, earth, heaven, eden, fruit, vegetables, bounty, thanksgiving, venetian, ecce homo pedro orrente, harvest, cat, carpet, dogsinart, visitors, msd4419 Tags
Amphitrite Title
1889-1900 Period
71.450 Accession
amphitrite, nudity, goddess, myth, ivory, sculpture, nude, woman, trident, scarf, 71368 Tags
An Arab Sheik
An Arab Sheik Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.173 Accession
arab, orientalism, weapon, elder, man, portrait, bayonne, sombre, sheik, sword Tags
An Ecclesiastic
An Ecclesiastic Title
ca.1874 Period
37.150 Accession
elder, man, portrait, red, birds, spanish, catalan, retratos Tags
An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains
An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.195 Accession
mountains, landscape, horse, arab, orientalism, camp, creature, teacher, resource, kit, morroccan, fish Tags
Arab Fantasia
Arab Fantasia Title
1867 Period
37.191 Accession
orientalism, arabs, action, timur Tags
Arayori (A Peasant Woman)
Arayori (A Peasant Woman) Title
ca. 1915 (Taisho) Period
25.2 Accession
hulahoops, memorytour, retratos, strikeapose Tags
At Sea
At Sea Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.135 Accession
ship, sea, ocean, boat, storm, waves, seafever Tags
Barbavara Book of Hours
Barbavara Book of Hours Title
ca. 1440 (Medieval) Period
W.323 Accession
Before the Race
Before the Race Title
1882-1884 Period
37.850 Accession
horse, horses, jockeys, impressionism, racing, creature, men, black, yellow, gamesoflife Tags
Book of Hours
Book of Hours Title
early 14th century Period
W.90 Accession
Bowl with Chrysanthemum Blossoms
Bowl with Chrysanthemum Blossoms Title
ca. 1900 (Meiji) Period
44.546 Accession
vessel, bowl, graphics, gardin, green Tags
Box in the Shape of Sixteen Arhats in a Begging Bow
Box in the Shape of Sixteen Arhats in a Begging Bow Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
53.94 Accession
Box in the Shape of Two Inksticks Crossed on an Inkstone
Box in the Shape of Two Inksticks Crossed on an Inkstone Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
57.1220 Accession
Box Showing an Octopus and Monkey at Tug of War
Box Showing an Octopus and Monkey at Tug of War Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
52.163 Accession
creature, animals, sea, monkey, octopus, japanese, box Tags
Box with a Courtier's Hat
Box with a Courtier's Hat Title
early 19th century (Edo) Period
53.116 Accession
hat Tags
Box with a Monkey Posing as a Collector
Box with a Monkey Posing as a Collector Title
late 19th century (late Edo-Meiji) Period
53.93 Accession
box, japanese, monkey, asian, creature Tags
Box with Autumn Flora under a Full Moon
Box with Autumn Flora under a Full Moon Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
53.90 Accession
insect, moon, box, japanese Tags
Box with Divine Tortoises
Box with Divine Tortoises Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
53.104 Accession
Box with Peonies
Box with Peonies Title
1827-1886 (late Edo; Meiji) Period
53.101 Accession
Box with Tiger Lily and Insects
Box with Tiger Lily and Insects Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
52.165 Accession
Breaking Flax
Breaking Flax Title
1850-1851 Period
37.87 Accession
french, harvest, work, woman, realist Tags
Brooch of Leaves and Berries
Brooch of Leaves and Berries Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.940 Accession
enamel, citrine, lalique, brooch Tags
Bunch of Grapes
Bunch of Grapes Title
1873 Period
37.1887 Accession
food, plant, american, grapes, baltimorean, fruit, pritey, waltersfamily Tags
Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis
Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis Title
1868 Period
27.605 Accession
century, african, american, black, marilyn, richardson, neoclassical, marble, sculpture, african-american, teacher, resource, kit, white, invincible, encountering, retratos Tags
Bust of Henry Walters
Bust of Henry Walters Title
1930 Period
28.19 Accession
bust, portrait Tags
Bust of Jennie Walters
Bust of Jennie Walters Title
1874 Period
28.20 Accession
bust, walters, woman, american, marble Tags
Bust of Mrs. William T. Walters (née Ellen Harper)
Bust of Mrs. William T. Walters (née Ellen Harper) Title
1862 Period
28.8 Accession
Bust of William Thompson Walters
Bust of William Thompson Walters Title
1867 Period
28.9 Accession
bain Tags
Catching Butterflies
Catching Butterflies Title
late 13th century Period
W.109.27V Accession
butterflies, checkmate, butterfly Tags
Cattle Drinking
Cattle Drinking Title
1851 Period
37.59 Accession
cows, animals, landscape, water, sun, sky, wakisachi, katana, resurrection, romantic, memorytour, msd4419 Tags
Christ on the Cross
Christ on the Cross Title
1846 Period
37.62 Accession
christ, chross, cross, delacroix, french, new, testament, almatadema, horse, standard, patrickstour Tags
Christ on the Sea of Galilee
Christ on the Sea of Galilee Title
1854 Period
37.186 Accession
boat, sea, ship, ocean, storm, religious, seafever Tags
Christ Weeping Over Jerusalem
Christ Weeping Over Jerusalem Title
1851 Period
37.111 Accession
religious, christ, god, jesus Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Coast near Villers
Coast near Villers Title
ca. 1859 Period
37.993 Accession
century, baskets, coast, france, gun, horses, painting, sand, sea, troyon, beach, ocean, seafever, msd4419 Tags
Coffee Mug with the Monogram of William T. Walters
Coffee Mug with the Monogram of William T. Walters Title
1864 Period
48.1874 Accession