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Aniconic Idol
Aniconic Idol Title
3rd millennium BCE (Early Bronze Age) Period
23.218 Accession
prehistoric, cycladic, abstract Tags
Bull Title
ca. 700 BC (Late Geometric) Period
54.2379 Accession
bull, creature, greek, bronze, abstract Tags
Female Figure
Female Figure Title
ca. 2500-2400 BCE (Early Cycladic III) Period
23.253 Accession
abstract, geometric, greek, pegasus, marble, cycladic, teacher, resource, kit, idol, figurine, woman, coƱoesumadre, smvaw Tags
The Catskills
The Catskills Title
1859 Period
37.122 Accession
abstract, landscape, transcendentialism, romantic, memorytour, nature, waltersfamily Tags