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"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt
"Surtout de table": Elk Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.175 Accession
ouch, animal, bronze, sculpture, elk, hunt, creature, unusual, different, mongolia, tothehunt Tags
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt
"Surtout de table": Tiger Hunt Title
1834-1836 Period
27.176 Accession
century, amazing, elephant, animal, bronze, tiger, hunt, creature, grace, aww, cool, tothehunt, waltersfamily Tags
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.178 Accession
jesus, bull, animal, hunt, bronze, sculpture, creature, grace, aww, cool, hope, leaves, armour, shield, horse, flowers, tothehunt, dogsinart Tags
African Elephant Running
African Elephant Running Title
19th century Period
27.55 Accession
french, sculpture, bronze, cute, elephant, animal, creature Tags
Algerian Dromedary
Algerian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.102 Accession
camel, animal, bronze, sculpture, desert, creature, cast Tags
Allegory of Hearing
Allegory of Hearing Title
1733-1745 Period
48.929 Accession
allegory, hearing, sound, music, lute, child, animal, deer, porcelain, woman, singing, rococo Tags
Anteater Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.354 Accession
animal, faberge, cute, creature, jasper, animals Tags
Aquamanile (Handwasher) in the Form of a Cheetah
Aquamanile (Handwasher) in the Form of a Cheetah Title
11th-13th century (Medieval) Period
54.2434 Accession
bronze, cat, squirrel, library, creature, islamic, fearsome, metal, cheetah, animal, tothehunt Tags
Aquamanile in the Form of a Lion
Aquamanile in the Form of a Lion Title
late 13th or early 14th century (Late Medieval) Period
53.25 Accession
judaica, lion, creature, animal Tags
Arab Horseman Killing a Boar
Arab Horseman Killing a Boar Title
first issued ca. 1862 Period
27.179 Accession
arab, orientalism, boar, horse, animal, creature Tags
Articulated Praying Mantis
Articulated Praying Mantis Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
54.1352 Accession
puppies, bugs, insect, creature, mantis, kawaii, animal, play Tags
Athena with an Owl
Athena with an Owl Title
ca. 450 BC (Classical) Period
54.766 Accession
owl, woman, goddess, athena, war, japera, animal, losthero, loveandmarriage, perilousfight, smvaw Tags
Bear and Gladiator
Bear and Gladiator Title
ca. 1885-1890 Period
27.515 Accession
sculpture, terracotta, man, bear, animal, action, gladiator, fight, creature Tags
Bear in a Trough
Bear in a Trough Title
modeled 1832; cast 1876-1889 Period
27.111 Accession
bear, eating, cute, bronze, sculpture, animal, creature Tags
Bear Standing Upright
Bear Standing Upright Title
19th century Period
27.137 Accession
bear, animal, sculpture, bronze, creature Tags
Bird Title
ca. 3000 BCE Period
42.1460 Accession
creature, animal, bird, fat, looking, baby Tags
Bird Figure
Bird Figure Title
1500-1000 BC (late Archaic) Period
2006.15.5 Accession
animal, creature Tags
Boa [Python] Devouring a Doe
Boa [Python] Devouring a Doe Title
19th century Period
37.2073 Accession
drawing, snake, eating, animal Tags
Box with Lion, Dog, and Duck Mosaics
Box with Lion, Dog, and Duck Mosaics Title
mid 19th century Period
43.32 Accession
lion, box, gold, glass, mosaic, creature, animal Tags
Bracelet with Lion's Head with an Apple in Its Mouth
Bracelet with Lion's Head with an Apple in Its Mouth Title
2nd-3rd century Period
57.579 Accession
jewelry, gold, lion, fruit, animal, roman, silver, christian Tags
Brush Rest in the Shape of a Praying Mantis
Brush Rest in the Shape of a Praying Mantis Title
ca. 1800 (late Edo) Period
54.1323 Accession
creature, animal, insect, japan Tags
Buddhist Guardian Lion (Shishi)
Buddhist Guardian Lion (Shishi) Title
13th-14th century (Kamakura) Period
61.182 Accession
creature, animal, cool, cum, statue Tags
Bull on the Defensive
Bull on the Defensive Title
19th century Period
27.41 Accession
bull, sculpture, bronze, animal Tags
Cameo with a Horse Set in a Ring
Cameo with a Horse Set in a Ring Title
1st century BCE-1st century CE Period
42.112 Accession
jewelry, gold, animal, horse, greco-roman, ring, cameo, creature, nice, onyx Tags
Carp Vase
Carp Vase Title
1878-1884 Period
47.384 Accession
fish, animal, vase, glass, creature Tags
Carved Ram's Horn Cup with Lions and Mounted Rider
Carved Ram's Horn Cup with Lions and Mounted Rider Title
1500-1700 (?) (Early Modern) Period
72.18 Accession
cup, ram, animal, lion, horn, reninstae Tags
Chimpanzee Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.353 Accession
agate, chimp, chimpanzee, faberge, lapidary, monkey, petersburg, animal, alabastron, creature Tags
Dead Gazelle
Dead Gazelle Title
modeled 1832; cast as unique piece 1833-1834 Period
27.96 Accession
dead, animal, bronze, sculpture Tags
Disappointment Title
19th century Period
37.56 Accession
baby, playful, cat, animal, cute Tags
Doe Lying Down
Doe Lying Down Title
19th century Period
27.30 Accession
doe, deer, sculpture, animal, bronze Tags
Dog Pointing
Dog Pointing Title
19th century Period
27.34 Accession
dog, hunting, animal, bronze, sculpture, zander, tower Tags
Dutch Interior
Dutch Interior Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.144 Accession
cat, animal, genre, dutch, kitchen, sleep Tags
Eagle and Chamois
Eagle and Chamois Title
modeled ca. 1824-1826 Period
27.190 Accession
eagle, bird, sculpture, bronze, animal Tags
Egyptian Dromedary
Egyptian Dromedary Title
19th century Period
27.118 Accession
camel, bronze, sculpture, animal, cast, dromedary, egypt Tags
Elephant Asleep
Elephant Asleep Title
ca. 1850s-1860s Period
37.812 Accession
elephant, animal, asleep, watercolor Tags
Elephant of Asia
Elephant of Asia Title
19th century Period
27.99 Accession
elephant, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Elephant of Cochin-China
Elephant of Cochin-China Title
19th century Period
27.61 Accession
animal, elephant, cute, bronze, sculpture, life Tags
Elephants in Water
Elephants in Water Title
ca. 1850 Period
37.819 Accession
elephant, animal, watercolor, creature, sky Tags
Elk Surprised by a Lynx
Elk Surprised by a Lynx Title
19th century Period
27.136 Accession
elk, cat, death, action, sculpture, bronze, animal Tags
Fallow Deer Attacked by Two Algerian Greyhounds
Fallow Deer Attacked by Two Algerian Greyhounds Title
modeled ca. 1830 Period
27.147 Accession
deer, dog, animals, bronze, sculpture, death, action, creature, animal Tags
Fawn Lying Down
Fawn Lying Down Title
19th century Period
27.26 Accession
deer, rest, sculpture, animal, bronze Tags
Five Turtles
Five Turtles Title
1761-1837 (late Edo) Period
54.1292 Accession
creature, animal Tags
Fragment from a Chandelier (?)
Fragment from a Chandelier (?) Title
10th century (Medieval) Period
55.82 Accession
pier, animal Tags
Frightened Goat
Frightened Goat Title
19th century Period
27.63 Accession
goat, sculpture, bronze, animal Tags
Frightened Stag
Frightened Stag Title
19th century Period
27.35 Accession
deer, sculpture, bronze, animal, creature Tags
Frog Title
1900 Period
42.288 Accession
frog, animal, cute, sculpture, creature Tags
Gallic Rooster
Gallic Rooster Title
ca. 1880 Period
48.2537 Accession
rooster, bird, animal, ceramic, sculpture, baby Tags
Gazelle of Ethiopia
Gazelle of Ethiopia Title
19th century Period
27.31 Accession
gazelle, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Greyhound Title
modeled: 1868; posthumously cast: post-1875 Period
27.475 Accession
animal, dog Tags
Half-Blood Horse
Half-Blood Horse Title
19th century Period
27.52 Accession
horse, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags